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  1. Ok, I received a very generous PIF of a NDC Aristocrat. And would like to spread the love around on this. I'd like 15 lucky people to get on this list and let each one of them spend a week with this fantastic shaver. At the end the razor will be coming back to me to have it replated and given to my father (birth year-ish razor). I'd like it to see some use from those members who have never tried this model Gillette.

    I'd like everyone to pay the shipping to the next guy. I also like the idea of each person adding something to the box. For example, I'll put in say a few blades, or a soap. If the next guys wants these items, he can take them, however he must replace what he took. It can be of any value (doesn't need to be the same value of what was taken), but be reasonable here guys.

    Your time should begin the day after you receive the razor. If you use it and decide that it's not for you, feel free to send it to the next guy for him to try out.

    Post your interest here and i'll start compiling a list! If anything needs to be amended let me know it's my first pass around here!!!! Oh and a few pics!!!!

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  2. Great. You are doing it. That's awesome. When you get it back and gift to your dad he is going to love it. Count me out, as I don't need to try it, still haven't tried the 1912 you PIFed me. I just wanted to say the this is very generous of you.
  3. agreed, i definitely respect the fact that this is something you want to give as a gift but want to make sure you can share it with the B&B community first... very classy
  4. Morning bump! COME ONE COME ALL!!!!!
  5. I'd be honored to try it, if you'd permit me. I was thinking of buying one but maybe trying one first would be wise.
  6. Looks like we have number one on the list!
  7. Wewt! Thank you. :w00t:
  8. I'd love to be considered! Your idea of gifting it to your father is also very thoughtful...this is one of many examples of what makes B&B such a great forum. Thanks!
  9. Woo hoo! Big bull is number 2!
    (on the list, some pun intended!) kidding if course! But you are on the list!
  10. Nice job, Jay. A great offer for new guys to try out one of the all-time great newbie razors. They're not too expensive, especially on the BST, are classy looking, and would be a great everyday razor. If you've never tried a TTO Gillette, this is a great one to start on.
  11. Does anyone have even a rough idea what it costs to replate a razor? I imagine the gold finish would cost more than nickel or rhodium.
  12. Varies widely from 35 for nickle to 100 for rhodium. But it all depends on where it's done. Some places will charge 55-60 for rhodium.
  13. I would have loved to volunteer to be part of the fun, but I'm thinking my fatboy (on one setting or another) probably has a similar enough feel to the aristocrat.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome PIF, and great idea to have everybody toss an item into the box as well!

    What gets done with the accumulated items at the end of the pass around?
  14. Ok guys. Heading into the office for the day. Will have limited access to phone, state your interest here and you are in. If there are members outside the conus id say we could probably work you in, however it would be towards the end of the pass around (I.E. if a few Europeans express interest we would put your towards the end of the list to save on shipping and travel time) we would need to arrange costs for the last conus shipper accordingly.
    I was also thinking it would be cool to have pictures of this razors travel, so if you guys could post a pic when you get it that would be awesome!
  15. 7 0 you are in!
    Its a take it if you want it kind of thing. So hopefully there would only be one thing left the end. If there is more ill PIF it by random drawing to one of the participants!
  16. Thank you sir!

    This was exactly why I'm interested.

    I actually had the same thought when I first read the post. How could would it be if you could somehow use the same box and keep the shipping labels visible...

    Thanks again! Very generous of you.
  17. If any out of the conus get in, I would volunteer to be the last to receive it in the states and then ship it, at my expense, to the first person out of the states. I don't believe that in the op you mentioned if you wanted a way to track it while it was between recipients. I assume you will, and if so, do you want delivery confirmation or a step by step tracking number?
  18. Sounds awesome to me! Please count me in as I've been wanting to try a vintage gillette! Awesome PIF!
  19. I just got this same razor from a friend last month and I thought the same at first. However I found it to feel a touch milder than my Fatboy on 3 yet gave me a shave almost as well as my Fatboy set on 4. It's also pretty forgiving, I've run over areas where I just thought to myself "Oooh, THAT was a bad pass" and got away with just a touch of razorburn. This guys, is a AWESOME razor that I do not think will disappoint. Very cool passaround prsman23, I don't expect to see many of these going for cheap on ebay anytime soon after this gets started.
  20. To me it doesn't matter. If the extra few bucks to add tracking is out of the budget of the guy sending it, I generally trust USPS and don't want to add to any hardship. But if you can afford to track it. It's preferred.

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