Are you Right handed or Left handed

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  1. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Contributor

    Does it matter to your shave?
  2. I am right handed but shave my left side with my left hand. It took a while but it wasn't that hard to learn
  3. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Contributor


    I cut myself on the left side mostly and I'm right handed.

    I am curious if this is why.

    Good thing I bought a slant- for just such an occasion.
  4. I'm right handed and when I do a DE shave that's the only hand I use.

    But when I use my straight I shave with both hands. :thumbup1:
  5. Right handed writer, but I do lots of other things with both hands without noticing; say, if I pick up my toothbrush with my left I'll brush with that hand, and vice versa. When shaving, I'll switch hands to do respective left and right.
  6. I'm right handed, but was able to use both during my first shave. I just can't write with my left. People already have trouble deciphering what I write with my right hand.
  7. I am right handed. I can only shave well with my right hand. I have been practicing using my left hand to shave.

    I can photograph equally well with both hands. That includes loading film, focusing, panning, zooming, framing. Even in low light.

    I can only shoot (guns) and shift gears with my right hand.

  8. Shave righty but with a backhand. Can shave lefty. Play pool right and left equally. Shoot right with a touch of left when needed. But went to catholic school and had my left hand smacked for trying to use it, so was probably a lefty and just learned righty.

  9. I am right handed but my left is not that bad:biggrin1:
  10. Argonaut

    Argonaut Moderator Emeritus

    I.M. "I admit it, you are better than I am."
    M.I.B "Then why are you smiling?"
    I.M. "Because I know something you don't know."
    M.I.B. "And what is that?"
    I.M. not left-handed!"
  11. No problems shaving with either hand.
  12. I can shave with either hand, no problems. .:thumbup1:
  13. I am right hand dominant but I can do most functions with both hands, the only thing I cannot do left handed is detail work like intricate painting.
  14. I write and eat left handed but seem to do most everything else right handed.

    Golf would have been much easier for me to learn left handed but finding left handed clubs 30+ years ago wasn't easy where I lived
  15. I am predominately left handed but I can teach myself fairly easily to do most things with my right hand. I have no problem shaving with both right and left hand. :thumbup:
  16. Strickly shaving my face---left -----Use the right a little when shaving the back of my neck when I give myself haircuts.

    Left--write and eat


    Never felt comfortable doing it any other way.
  17. I put down ambidextrous because I don't really know what I am. I call myself a lefty, mostly on account of writing.

    I can only write with my left hand.
    I am left-handed playing basketball.
    I am left-handed shooting pool.
    I am left-handed brushing my teeth.

    I am right-handed for football and baseball.
    I am right-handed shooting a gun or a bow.
    I am right-handed throwing darts.

    I favor the left when using a paint brush, and eating, and playing ping pong but can use the right pretty easily.

    I favor the right for badminton and tennis, which is odd considering my ping pong favorite.

    I favor the left for shaving, but that makes hot water rinsing a pain because the hot tap is on the left.
  18. I know this thread has been dormant for a couple years, but I was just directed here from a left handed thread at The Nib and had to reply. I'm mostly left handed. The only shaving I do with my right is ATG on the right side of my face. I say mostly left handed because I write, throw, and bat left handed, but play golf and hockey right handed.
  19. Graybeard57

    Graybeard57 Steward Contributor

    Left handed, shave with both, but left is better.

    BTW, left-handers are the only people in their right minds.
  20. I am Primarily Right handed, but I am ambidextrous so with a switch and some time I can go the other way.

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