Are Straight Razor Shaves Banned in Michigan?

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  1. In a follow-up to a thread from earlier today, my friend's step-dad mentioned "Well, you don't have to worry about refusing to get a straight razor shave professionally, because they're banned in Michigan anyway".

    Is that true?
  2. I don't know. My barber told me the State told him to stop offering straight shaves in the mid to late 80s because of HIV. He hasn't done them since.
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    My barber (Orie is 78 years old) still offers shaves, but he uses a shavette, the same one he trims the neck with. And I have never noticed him changing the blade on the shavette, before or after using it .. The other guys in his shop use safety razors when they give shaves.

    I have been going in there for around 20 years though and don't see but maybe 1 shave a year, if that. We have discussed straights once or twice, in fact he "lent" me a couple a while back. His view on the straights was that the upkeep in honing & stropping offset the cost of the disposable blades. Next time in I'll ask him if it is a matter of law or convenience.
  4. I don't know about MI specifically, but in most states straight shaves aren't outrightly banned. However, health regulations are so restrictive as to make it not worth the barber's time.
  5. People should check out the Grooming Lounge for Men website and also there's a barber that does Mach 3 shaves in New Orleans. Aparrently you can get just as good of a shave that way...I guess that's where you're going for the experience of the hot towels etc. Smooth shave still I bet.
  6. Used to live in NO, and the place you speak of is Aidan Gill. Absolutely and awesome shave, they use multiple hot towels with some soap in between to get your beard prepped. Multiple pass shaves with the last couple using shaving oil and going ATG with a Mach 3. They claim that a Mach 3 is the way to go, I don't know if Louisiana law prohibits the use of straights. All I can tell you is when you walk out of Aidan Gill you have a serious case of faceturbation owing to a BBS that is nirvana.
  7. Insurance companies have virtually made a straight razor shave non existant around me. When I asked about why they wernt being done anymore. My barber said his insurance company more than doubled the rates for insurance because of using a straight razor.
  8. Here is a link for the place in Grand Rapids - they are expanding, one in Lansing

    For the back of the neck they use a shavette. I have not actually had a shave from this place and I don't what I think about the college age girls they have working there running a razor around my face. They might be great though.

    So I would assume that if a new business is opening offering a straight shave, they must not be illegal in michigan.
  9. Interesting, Aidan Gill is on Magazine St too. This shop is farther uptown near Napoleon, while Aidan Gill is closer to the Garden District. OK, another place for me to try when I get to that part of the world.

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