Are Feathers a lot sharper than Astra blades?

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  1. Hi

    I'm finding I have to do a bet extra to get my beard shaved on my chin with my Astras. I have thick whiskers.

    But I still manage to nick myself now and then. Would Feathers be a lot sharper than Astra blades. I have Feathers in my sample pack? Is it best I improve my technique so I don't get nicks with the Astra blades before I try the Feather blades?

    I've also got the Merkur blades, Personna blades and the Derby blades as well as the Dorco 300s and Dorco 301s. The only one's I haven't tried are the Derby blades and the Feathers.

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  2. Feathers are very sharp. They were one of the first blades I ever sampled back in my Newbie days and they require respect. They're sharper than Astras, on about equal pegging as Iridiums, maybe a tad sharper. For most people (including myself) they're also exceedingly smooth. I don't use them because they're a little to harsh on my skin.

    You have to respect a Feather. Though I've never really nicked myself with one, they will give you weepers (those little nicks that you don't feel when they happen, but you see the blood afterward). Ideally you should improve your technique but above all just respect the blade. Feathers are one of the blades that like tasting blood.

    Edit: Well since you've already tried everything save for the Derbies and the Feathers, go for the Feathers if you want sharp. Derbys are mild.
  3. Thanks Kevan

    I'll take your advice about improving my technique before I try a Feather blade. From what you describe of the Feathers I need to do that first. I think I've still got my old bad habit of pushing down on the razor.
  4. Some pressure works for me with DE. But Feathers tolerate very little pressure. Very little.

    They will mow down anything in their path with surgical sharpness and precision though (the Feather company makes surgical instruments as well as razor blades). They'll obliterate your chin hair.
  5. Sharp isn't always better. As someone else said, I also find the Astras smoother.
  6. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Excellent answer indeed.
    There is, in my opinion, a bit of confusion here, since there is the tendency to associate sharp with better.
    Not necessarily a very sharp blade delivers a good shave.
    That said, I agree with you: Feather blades are sharper or, to be more precise, they are the sharpest blades on the market, but Astra blades are smoother.
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  7. Pretend Feather blades are like little katanas. That is the amount of respect they deserve. The second you begin to relax with them is the moment you get a nick and a weeper.

    Very smooth shave though.
  8. +1000.
    Kevan has it right.
    Don't use any pressure with a feather!

    Feathers are my favorite blade, but the very FIRST moment you lose focus/technique/and especially if using a wide open adjustable/aggressive razor,.......... you may get cut up a bit. I sure have!

    Once you've found the right razor, brush, blade, cream/soap combination, best technique for you, the sharper blades like feathers are great because it takes less passes and therefore less irritation.

    It might take a while to get there. I used crystals for a year or two. Switched back to feathers, and now have the technical ability to control the feather.
  9. Astras and Feathers are my two favourite blades. I find Feathers sharper but, as others have said, also harsher. I have found that Feathers work really well in some of my razors (Slant, Fatboy) but not in others (#58, 30's Aristocrat). For me it was a matter of finding which blade worked best in each of my razors.

  10. I have a feeling I'll be buying a 100 pack of Astras. I'm still managing to nick myself even with this morning's shave so I think it'll be at least 6 or more months before I can try the Feathers anyway.
  11. Don't be afraid of the Feathers. They are sharp but they just need common sense when using. No pressure and correct angle. Go for it. You will be surprised.

  12. I have gone through my WCS sample pack, and find that feathers are sharper but maybe not as durable (3 shaves max) as some of the others (Personna's, Crystals).
  13. Can't really add much that hasn't already been said

    Whatever brand you use, just remember, it's a freakin' razor blade on your face! Treat it as such, and you should be able to handle any brand (except I hear that "vertical Derbys" suck)
  14. I ONLY use 2 blades in my cabinet... Astras and Feathers.

    Why? Astras as the go to blade when I have a lot of extra beard to deal with, if I haven't shaved in a few days.

    Feathers are my polishing blade... for either that last pass, or when I shave the next day, which I don't do all the time.

    Astras are smoother to begin with, feathers are smoother to finish with.

    2 best blades on the market IMO.
  15. Feathers and Astras are my favorites as well. I also like Irridiums and Dorco 301's. I say try the Feather-it may even be smoother for you than the Astra's. You may have no weepers at all compared to the Astra's. YMMV is repeated over and over on this board and for good reason. Try the Feather-today, or tomorrow if you've already shaved today. Try it and the Derby's before you order 100 of anything, just my humble opinion. Good luck.
  16. Feathers are noticably sharper then any other blade IMO.
  17. +1.

    Feathers are great blades. Try it before you buy 100 of anything.
  18. I am new to wetshaving but have been at it a couple of weeks. My friend says that he really likes the feathers but he shaves on a super speed and it doesnt seem to be very aggressive from what i read here.
  19. I think you should buy 500 Feathers and if you don't like them, give em to me. Seriously don't fear Feathers, respect them.
  20. Well, I've got 2 small packs of Feathers in amongst the other brands of small packs of razor blades.

    I've got Fridays off from university so I could try a Feather then. At least I'll have the rest of the weekend to recover from any nicks. Although I am still concerned about what I've read about their sharpness.
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