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  1. I have read the post about Aqua Velva staying with their glass bottles. I have however seen plastic AV Ice Blue in my local store sitting right next to the glass ones. Was there some type of test run using plastic? Tonight when I get off work I will double check. Maybe I can ask a store clerk also. Has anyone else besides me actually seen the plastic bottles?:confused:
  2. Ice Balm and Ice Sport bottles are plastic, well the ones i have are anyway
  3. Now I must go double check, so Ice Blue is glass and going to stay that way and Ice Sport is plastic and going to contine to be plastic?
  4. Correct.

    If you're in Canada, though, the Ice Blue is in plastic in some territories. Here in the states, it and the Musk are still glass and the Ice Sport is, and always has been, in plastic.
  5. my no.2
    after clubman
  6. i believe the green original sport comes in a glass bottle.
  7. It does--available in Canada only.
  8. It hate Combe for discontinuing Ice balm :mad:

    It has started to disappear here in Canada as well
  9. I hadn't tried Ice Blue until a couple weeks I am completely addicted to the stuff, can't get enough of it. I have reached for it over all my Master, Clubman, Booster and other drug store aftershaves almost everyday since I first used it.

    My only complaint is that I wish the scent was a little longer lasting on me. Today I absolutely bathed myself in it and I think I could smell traces of it late into the day. It is the most "refreshing" aftershave in my collection.
  10. That's so weird. I have to cut it with a little water so that it's not too strong on me. AND I can usually smell it all day and even before bed. No joke.
  11. I am with you here. This stuff lasts on me, though it is not a string scent like when you first pour it out of the bottle. It is a very subtle scent, but I think that is why I like it. Besides, they say a man's aftershave should never linger longer than he does. Or maybe it's cologne...same thing.
  12. I don't know why, but for some reason a lot of scents just don't last long on me, I've always been like this. After a while my body chemistry just destroys whatever I put on unless it is a very potent cologne. After a couple hours I just smell like "me" again (and I don't mean b.o.).

    I do know that it's not just olfactory fatigue on my part because my girlfriend will ALWAYS mention whatever she smells on me, so I know when I don't smell of AS or cologne anymore.

    Aqua Velva will last only around 1 hr on me (no joke) unless I go WAY over the top with application. This is shorter than usual b/c I can usually get at least a couple hours out of most AS splashes.

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