Appropriate deodorant scent for the professional office?

Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by ctguy, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. I'm a 25yr old guy working at a Wall Street firm, new hire, bottom of the barrel.

    I'm looking for some colognes and deodorants (I figure a good well scented deodorant can kill two birds with one stone) that are appropriate for the office, manly as I work with a lot of other guys, but something ladies would like as well as all my bosses are ladies.

    Any suggestions for a cheaper deodorant scent I could find at CVS or Walgreens? Something musky maybe?
  2. Unscented.
    It's a gamble between Like and Hate.
  3. I think the safest bet in a place like that is just something refreshing and light. Not like that artificial mountain garbage old spice is making nowadays. Almost like a AV ice blue or barbasol pacific rush.
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    An inexpensive scent that I've always liked is Grey Flannel. You can find it at a very low price at places like TJ Maxx. A bottle lasts a while as this is one that you want to put on with a light touch.
  5. Deodorant always smells like..... deodorant. You'll have to do better than that, especially on Wall Street. And every scent smells different on different people, you really need to try it on you to see how it reacts to your skin chemistry.

    Here's what you need to do. First, go to wikipedia and read up on perfume and cologne 'families'. Then, go to The Perfumed Court and buy a sampler like this one :

    Try each sample at least twice on different days, and keep notes. What works, what doesn't? What do you like about each one? Which ones got the most compliments from women who aren't your mom?

    Then, go into the reviews at and figure out what families or notes you seemed to like and which ones you didn't - that'll help you narrow down your search a lot. From there, the world of scents is yours to play with, if you do a search here for 'decants' you'll find 3 or 4 companies which specialize in selling individual samples of pretty every scent you can imagine.

    Eventually, settle on one you love or starting collecting dozens for every season and mood swing!
  6. jtb


    When I worked down on wall street 20+ years ago, I seem to recall that guys tried to stick with the basic deoderants and stayed way from colognes until we went out partying after work. You just need the deoderant that will keep the stink down and keep you dry (keep some in your bag too for those long or stressful days).

    Congrats on getting the gig!
  7. +1 on the grey flannel. Walgreens carries it now also.
  8. Right Guard spray - Original scent
  9. From an ex-wall street to a newbie... Deodorant is deodorant and cologne is cologne../. Your co workers would appreciate it if you didn't try to kill two birds with one stone. Just my humble opinion. Deodorant... Go unscented. Make your cologne a conscious decision by trying as many samples as you need to... It's another one of those YMMV decisions
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    Agreed. Modern deos are too heavily scented that I find them offensive especially if I am wearing a nice EDT.
  11. As a new hire it would be best to start off with unscented deodorant. You may have to try a few to see what works best for you. When I worked at a conservative Bank years ago I noticed very few if any Men that had any noticeable cologne scent.
    You might do a search on this forum with the key word deodorant to see what others recommend and reviews by specific brands.
    I have found a lot of good information on this forum but sometimes you have to "dig" a little.
  12. English Leather or British Sterling deodorant sticks are what I use. Both have a good classic scent and can work as a replacement for wearing a cologne. Also they are different enough that people notice you are not yet another bozo wearing Axe:lol:
  13. +1.

    Unscented antiperspirant all the way FTW.

    Then you can decide if you want to wear a cologne, and, if so, what cologne would be appropriate.

    A man should never allow an antiperspirant or deodorant product to decide his scent. Never.
  14. You could check out the Bigelow lines at Bath and Body Works. The deo sprays and colognes are very reasonably priced, and can be picked up on sale several times a year. I wouldn't recommend wearing a cologne for work on wall street either, but the deo spray is quite light.
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    Speed Stick regular scent works for me. It's not too strong so it doesn't compete with your fragrance, but smells nice and subtle on its own.
  16. Gentelmans Best makes a deoderant stick in the "Signature Scent". Great stuff, and cheap!
  17. +1
  18. As a freshman in college, all I can say is congrats on the job!
  19. I would find out what my Boss wears.
  20. HR + Wall Street here.

    Unscented. Make your mark with you acumen, leave your scent before the trading floor.

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