AOS VS. TOBS Lavender?

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  1. I am about to place a major cream order, but only want one Lavender one. AOS or TOBS. Is their really a difference? Anyone use both and can comment? I tried the AOS and like it, but maybe you will all tell me the TOBS is better?
  2. Well if you really want to treat yourself..why don't you go for some CF or T&H I haven't tried it, but it's all I hear about on this forum as being one of the very best...lavender sents...I myself love lavender...and going to purchase some CF lavender in a couple of weeks...I tell you how it go's..if you can for the cost....come on if you bought AOS for $22 bucks i think you can spend alittle more on what people consider to be the best lavender ever made...if women can spend 50 bucks on one pair of shoese that thier only going to wear once..Then you can treat yourself to a cream that you can clearly use more than once!!!!
    Good luck..!!
  3. You may very well have a presented a good point.
  4. I know I'm in somewhat of a minority here, but I don't have very high regard for TOBS products. They just don't smell great and I have a hard time getting quality lather from them.

    I've tried AOS Lavender and it has quite possibly the most "pure" smelling lavender frangrance of any cream I've tried yet. It's also a great performer.

    I own Castle Forbes Lavender. Its scent is great as well, but it has some woodsy undertones beyond lavender. Also a great performer.

    As for T&H, their lavender didn't smell too strong or lavendery to me, but it's fairly highly regarded by others.

    So to you original question, I vote AOS. If you pick two: AOS and CF.
  5. what do you mean by woodsy that a good thing..???

    Oh and I also have AoS, but thee unsencted one, and I think it's an awsome cream, nice lather and very slick.!!! My only regret is that I didn't get the lavender, my girl picked it up for me, and thought that i wouldn't like the lavender...but it works out fine because now I can get CF!!!!
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  6. Haven't tried the AOS but I do own a few other Lavendar creams.

    TOBS, CF and Kiss my face.

    I enjoy them all. I find performance to be very similar with all of them, ie. excellent. Kiss my face being the best value.

    I do not get the woodsy note in the CF that the above poster does, YMMV and all that.
    Always considered it to be a pure Lavendar scent.
  7. AOS is definitely the best lavender that I have tried, as a matter of fact, it is my favorite cream overall. I haven't tried the CF. The TOBS is OK, but nowhere near the AOS in either scent or performance. T&H has very artificial, chemical-y scent with no discernible lavender characteristics (in my opinion).
  8. The new, paraben free TOBS Lavender is scented with just Lavender EO, so should be similar to AoS.
  9. AOS Lavender was the second cream I bought. Shaving-wise I found it no better than anything else I have had (GFT, TOBS and C&E). Scent-wise, I found it very mild. I must admit I do not have a good nose for lavender scent. Even CF Lavender has very little aroma for me. My loss I guess.
  10. AOS and its not even a contest personally. Of course YMMV, good luck:thumbup1:
  11. Between TOBS and AOS - AOS without question. Between AOS and CF? Harder - both top shelf and pure EO creams.
  12. HIT


  13. so, i'm resurrecting this old AOS vs CF thread, as there seems to be a recent onslaught of CF is the BEST cream out there threads recently.

    i got a sample today, haven't used it yet, but i'm sure it will perform great. it sure smells good.

    i also picked up a full tub of Lavender and used it today...WOW, it was amazing. a small almond sized, produced enough thick, slick lather for 3+ passes and gave me a wonderful shave and smelled good.

    so with picking up AOS Lavender (for dirty cheap i might add...$8), am i still going to be blown away if i order CF or will it be comparable to the AOS in performance and post shave skin feel? this thread (from 2y ago), seems to be Pro AOS
  14. This! +1 :)
  15. Aos > cf > tobs, imho
  16. To me the two smell similar, however AOS is easier to lather in my opinion.
  17. I've spent one TOBS lavender jar and one T&H Lavender tube, and have tried CF Lavender cream from a sample. I'm a huge lavender fan but I still haven't found a lavender shaving cream/soap that I like.
  18. CF is really in it's own category. I have a lot of Lavender scented products because I'm a big Lavender fan, but there isn't much that can compare. CF uses a different cream base than the standard UK/Creighton made creams (that includes AOS) and uses WAY WAY WAY MORE Lavender EO than any cream out there. It's going to be too intense for some people but I personally love it.

    If that's not enough to make you want it, my GF used to live near a lavender field (run by a monastery in Senegal) and says that the scent of the CF cream is as real as it gets.

    In other words, just buy the big tub of CF Lavender.
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  19. Own these 3 - all are very nice products, but with that said I'd rate them:

    CF Lavender 9.5/10 - in my Top 5 over all of best cream ever made
    AOS Lavender 9/10 - very very solid product, in fact it's excellent
    TOBS LAvender 8.5/10 - nice perfomer, not quite good enough to be called excellent.

  20. i got to use my sample of CF Lav today, after 2 days with AOS.

    scent was similar, but a bit stronger with CF like people said
    lather was similar, both were top notch and delivered great shaves
    post shave feel, CF had a slight edge and there was ZERO irritation from my post shave routing.
    application, CF wins. i love being able to work the lather directly into the brush in the tub, as opposed to scooping it out and/or the "brush twist".

    overall, they were both excellent. i do prefer the texture of the CF better, with it being a hard cream/soft soap consistancy.

    since i got the AOS for dirty cheap, i decided to pull the trigger and am lucky to have CF LAV on order...(as well a LIME and GFT Coconut tub)

    hey, what else am i going to spend my money on...might as well be more shave gear and software.

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