AOS, I must not be holding my mouth right?

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  1. I was stumbling around the mall in a 'fun meter pegged' kind of haze after my wife on mothers day(took her shopping:bored:). During hour three of this shopping hell, as I trudged along like a lame pack mule loaded with spoils of her conqests, through the mind numbing haze of it all I spotted a gleaming beacon light in our local departmant store.
    Yes, it was an AOS counter with the full line of products!!! I couldn't go hog wild since It was her day, so i made a speedy grab for one of the travel size tubes of unscented shave cream as the sales girl was telling me she didn't know anything about it since they only just started carrying AOS.
    Yesterday morning was my first experience with the AOS, I was giddy. I chose my Vulfix brush and set it to soak in hot water while I showered. Out of the shower I sqeezed an almond sized dolop into my warm bowl and it made copious amounts of goodlooking lather. Applied to the well hydrated face, and '66 flare tip with a new Merkur blade. I didn't know what to think, I was expecting Beethovens 'Ode to Joy', and I got Black Sabbaths 'War Pig'! I was Irritated and even a little burned on the neck, a weeper or two below the mouth. I had to use my styptic pencil for the first time in at least 2 years on a chin nick.
    I felt dejected afterwards. I've been at this for several years so I know it wasn't my prep or technique. I guess my face just don't like it.
  2. Good looking lather isn't necessarily good performing lather. You didn't say anything about the feel of the shave or the lather.

    If you have hard water, double (or more) the amount of cream. Try it again. AoS cream is one of the better ones going.

    Then again, it could be a bad tube?
  3. Takes more than one shave to figure out a new product.
  4. Personally, I've found AOS to be a bit finicky as far as water ratios. I shaved through a whole tub of the Lavender and I couldn't get the lather to be just right consistently.

    Remember, as Bobtrumpet says, "Good looking lather isn't necessarily good performing lather." You can make lots of fluffy lather with just a little cream but it may lack substance. Try using a little more product next time and see how that goes.
  5. I love AOS cream, I whip it up with a Whippeddog Silvertip and get awesome, slick lather every time. Stir your cream if in tub and you know the quote, "I used more product and it worked!" Also try face lathering to make it even slicker.
  6. Ahh! This morning I went thru the normal routine, But I used twice as much of the AOS cream and used my whipped dog silvertip also. The results were night and day different from the first try. Our water down here in Arkansas tends to be harder than a lot of places I've traveled, and more cream was better cream. The addition of 2 times the amount combined with the silvertip made more lather than my bowl could hold, but it was vastly slicker and lubricating. The performance was on par with all of the stellar reviews I've read.
    Thanks for the advice
  7. I love it when a plan comes together.

  8. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Use more product almost always is the answer to these issues.Congratulations.
  9. +1. i see no need in trying to save my MdC, AOS, CF or any other product for that mater. most of them will last a long time regardless of how much i/we use, as most of us are rotating them with 10+ other products.

    nothing worse for me then having a thin, weak lather.

    Lather UP!
  10. Try changing blades. That Merkur blade always cuts me up, it is rather dull. I wouldn't give up on that product line just yet.
  11. I always hate that when I want to listen to the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Ozzy Osbourne & Co. starts playing on the stereo.:lol:
  12. Hmm... "Ludwig van" or "Black Sabbath"... Either are good when straight-shaving:biggrin1:
  13. You know, I'm tending to agree with you about the MerKur blades. I've only used them a few times and never really been that happy.
    On a better note, I tried the AOS lavender shave cream (with a feather blade) this morning and loved it.
  14. I loved the scent of the AOS Sandalwood cream, but I just couldn't get a good shave from it and eventually sold it. It reminded me a lot of Harris creams which I also didn't like.

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