Anything sharper than a feather?

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  1. I threw a Personna Lab into my Fatboy this morning after using Feathers for a solid 4-5 months. All I can say is ouch. The Lab just didn't cut it (literally). Felt like it was ripping my beard off. With Feathers, my first pass WTG is usually painless. Little if any tugging. Definitely due to the blades sharpness. Is there anything else out there?

    I've used Astra's and they just don't seem to cut it either.
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    Not that I have ever used. Kai is close, maybe worth a try? Why not stick with Feathers if they are working for you?
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    To my face Gillette Silver Blue are very sharp, perhaps just a bit sharper than Feathers. But as always with blades YMMV.
  4. Just wanted to ask if you tried to go the other way, rather than finding a sharper blade do a better prep? Maybe longer soaking (use towel)? A bit of conditioner rinsed before shaving? Longer soaking and exfoliating cream work wonders for me. Lanolin creams?
    Just some thoughts.
  5. The Gillette Blacks are as sharp, if not sharper to me. Iridium Supers are close, but not as sharp.
  6. One more vote for the Gillette Silver Blues and 7 o'clock blacks. IMO, Med Preps are close in sharpness, and last a couple shaves longer (4-5 vs 3).
  7. People that say 7OC Blacks are in the range of a Feather for sharpness are kidding themselves. Sorry guys, you need to shave with a Black and a Feather back-to-back and then come back to us. The Blacks are a great all-round shave, but don't match the Feather for sharpness.

    In the Gillette world, Xillion is correct. The Silver Blues are the sharpest blade in reasonable supply that Gillette made. Note the past tense - they are out of production now. Get them while they last.... I just bought a tuck of 100 and I will buy a few more. A UK supplier WAS the cheapest for me after postage costs but the price has now been raised.

    Past that, I have not shaved with a Russian 7OC Blue but I have tried the 'NOS' Czech version made at the old Astra Factory. They are noticeably sharper than a 7OC Black.

    Third would be the White Platinum, aka 'Cardboard Swede'. Sharper than a 7OC Black and smoother too, just 3 times the price! Not a real alternative but shaves magnificently. I have 50 Iridiums that I would happily trade 1:1 for White Platinums.

    I would then rate the 7OC Black next in line, with the NOS Gillette Bleue Extra & 7OC Yellow just behind it, Astra SP would be next, and then the Dark Platinum, aka 'Maltese Platinum'.
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  8. Simple and short answer- No!
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I was really caught off guard how different the shave was with the Labs. Truly amazing how you "evolve" to find the best products for you. Ironically, Feather was the first blade that really threw me for a loop. I mauled my face with it the first time i used one. Now it's the only blade that gives me a truly great shave (that I've come across so far). My prep is usually very good. 99.999% of the time I shave immediately after showing. I also lather with a scuttle so it is warm.

    FWIW, I'd be willing to give a Gillette Blue a shot if someone would be willing to trade for some Voskhod, Personna Labs, and Feathers.
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  10. Ditto. It took me a while to be able to use them. Now I can't use any thing else.

    If your combo of razor and Feathers doesn't "cut it," you could try a more aggressive razor. That's the route I took.
  11. Blades are most certainly a ymmv thing. Feathers for me are the worst blade I have tried. Not a close shave and tons of irritation. I realize that they are the sharpest blade out there but when I use them they don't feel sharp at all. I still have another pack of them left and will re-visit them. But for me the Med/labs, Gillette yellow, blue and black feel sharper.
  12. Have bounced around a bit with samples. Dorcos only good for the recycle bin. Feathers the best (sharpest) and Astras second. One of my razors (super selectable) works best with Astra and the others with the Feathers.
  13. I have only tried 12-15 different DE blades, and to me the Feather is the sharpest of them all so far........
  14. PermaSharp Super are pretty sharp.
  15. CWX


    IMO the NOS British Wilkies give Feathers a run for their money in the sharpness department.
  16. I am unfortunately one of those guys who has bad skin genetics. I am very fair, with semi-sensitive skin, and a thick/coarse beard. I was using a Red Tip SS for a while. I was having issues with irritation on my last pass. Was just too aggressive. Once I moved to my Fat Boy adjustable, it's been a world of difference. I dial it down for each pass and each section. The level of irritation improved but was still there. I finally switched to the feather and the irritation is all gone. It always seemed like the blade was just catching/dragging. My second pass using the "Gillette Slide" technique, XTG, on a #6 setting is a thing of beauty. Let alone the final blade buffed ATG pass.

    Xillion was awesome enough to send me a few Gillette Blues. Will be making a comparison shortly.
  17. Kai is just as sharp, if not sharper than Feather. The Indian Gillette 7 o' Clock Blacks are not quite as sharp, but do last 3 times longer & is a lot smoother ( also costs more).
  18. Statements like this always crack me up. Please, dear master of all that is sharpness related, explain why your opinion is so definitive but all those who disagree with you are "kidding themselves". I think it is clear who is kidding themselves here.

    I have shaved with these blades back-to-back several times. I stand by my statement.
  19. I disagree with you there friend, The Blacks can feel just as sharp when slotted in to the right Razor :)
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    You just have to try different blades and see what you like. I find that some blades work a little different, and I need to sort of adjust my technique. You can also try them in different razors. Each razor puts the blade at a certain angle and one blade might extend further out than another. So a particular blade might work better in a particular razor. By technique, I mean not only the angle that the blade makes with the face, but the angle with the grain. Some of us can use pretty much any blade in any razor, even if we have some preferences. I like to put a Derby in a comparatively mild Gillette TTO which feels a bit like scraping the hair away, though it actually leaves me less irritated than a feather, but I also like a Feather in a Merkur slant which is often harsher to my face. I can use either in a Tech, which feels very mild to me. They all feel different on my face, but I can get the same end result either way.

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