Anyone use Yardley's soap bars as shampoo?

Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by Seldon, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. As the Title says, I'm wondering if anyone here has tried any of the Yardley of London soaps as a shampoo. It has such a great ingredient list, with all things you want, and none of the nasty things many of us here on B&B try to avoid. I could ask the same questions with Kirk's Coco Castille soap. I have dry skin, and psoriasis on my good mild soaps without drying agents are a must.

    So, has anyone used a traditional hand soap as shampoo and gotten good results?:huh:
  2. never tried it, but it's so cheap you might as well give it a shot. I've used some artisan soaps as shampoo with great success
  3. I used them a couple of times Yardleys lathers your hair up real good and takes a little longer to rinse out than normal shampoo.
  4. I usually do. But then again I have short hair, not sure if that'd make a difference. The bars work really well!
  5. Do you mean the North American tallow soap or the original European Luxury vegetable soap? I use Aleppo soap as a shampoo, and would use another Olive soap. Not sure about a tallow soap or a highly perfumed soap such as Yardley (if the European variety).
  6. Yes, I use Yardley Almond & Oatmeal soap for both hair and body as I have problems with "detergents" bars and shampoos. My son has psoriasis and the Yardley was also a good soap for him to use, or atleast to cut the T-Gel with. Just be careful, in the States there is a Yardley Cleansing Bar that is NOT soap, its mild, but still has a lot of junk in it.
  7. I've used Kirk's and Grandpa's with pretty good results but nothing beats the J.R. Liggett's shampoo bars. A bit more expensive than a regular hand soap but still dirt cheap compared to most shampoos - and I've actually converted SWMBO. No small feat given a pretty strong predilection toward high end brands.
  8. I just bought some but always use bar soap for my head. But I buzz my hair with a 1 guard so... :)
  9. Don't use Kirk's. Too much coconut oil. It will likely make your psoriasis worse.

    I've never tried using Yardley, but I do use a shampoo bar. I use the one sold by B&B'er eyebright at Tried JR Liggett's but felt it was too drying to my hair.
  10. You are very correct. I used it with my shower last night, and I've spent the day so far fighting the urge to scratch my head. I think the only saving grace is that I have started using a tea tree oil scalp massage after showering. Overall, it seems the Kirk's dried up the rest of my skin as well. YMMV, but I think I'll stick with Burt's Bees if Yardley's doesn't do the trick.

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Good to know I'm not the only one wanting to experiment with shampoo that isn't full of junk.:biggrin1:
  11. I use this same Almond and Oatmeal soap on my hair with great success!
  12. Try a soap or shampoo with Neem. It's really good with psoriasis.
  13. Yes, I have and I often use Ivory soap as well.
  14. I shave my head so I usually use whatever bar soap as shampoo as well
  15. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Contributor

    It seems you could even shave with Yardleys, but haven't tried yet.

  16. ciderguy

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    I always use soap as shampoo. Kirk's Castile is great to really strip off oils, Yardly's English Lavender has a nice scent, and the African Black soap I buy in bulk is great as well.

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