Anyone use the Valet Autostrop system?

Discussion in 'Strops/Stropping' started by retturn2blades, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Maybe a little off topic for this forum but I have an interest in the Valet Autostrop Razor with the leather strop that comes with some of the old kits.

    Anyone use these? Your thoughts and experiences?

  2. I bet someone has. Though new blades for the AutoStrop are cheap and last long, so there isn't a big push to restrop the old blades.
  3. Saw your other post, brother!:001_smile Yes, I have one of the C set synthetic strops. The key, is making sure that your blades are honed, and that the rollers on your razor are not overly worn. If the plating on the rollers is worn through, and/or you can see flat spots, the blade won't flip, so you'll either have to do it manually, or cut your strop.

    Alwaysalwaysalways take the reverse pull cautiously.

    I can't link it, since its live, but I was contemplating that Scott's sharpening handle, on the bay, as a back up, but I've got to pay for my part in the Gem group-buy, so I won't be bidding. The Scott's handle, and a good stone, will work with Valet, Keen Kutter, Kriss Kross, Mirak, Enders, and may even work with wedge-blades (mine works with my Heljestrand and Wester blades, but not the 1/2 size Wilkinson Swords). If you're going serious vintage SE, its worth $25-30 to have a hone handle.

    So, to directly answer- as long as you treat the blade like mini-straights, and hone them every (+/-) 20 shaves, and strop with each shave, they do work.
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  4. Thanks. I put the Scott's on my Ebay watch list.
  5. new blades 4 the auto strop? where? any info would be appreciated, thanks tom
  6. Right here at RazorBlades&More.
  7. Yep...just put my order in.
  8. thanks inspringK, i just put my order in. tom
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    I have a few of the razors floating around, but no strop. I was thinking of making one out of kangaroo, which will work well because of the thickness, but haven't bothered yet.

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