Anyone tried Marvis Toothpaste ?

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  1. Yeah we are just finishing up a tube of the purple one, (lavender?) ..... It's a nice change from just plain old colgate in the supermarkets here, but at a premium cost! I got ours for free, if it wasn't free, I'm not sure that id buy it again
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  3. Love Marvis. Especially the Licorice, Cinnamon, Strong, and Aquatic Mint.

    Ordered tubes for like $7.99 from Italian Barber - not really that much more expensive than crest or colgate.
  4. I love the cinnamon!
    It's not just the flavor, I also find the "mouth-feel" better when compared to the regular super-market stuff.
  5. I tried a small travel tube that came as a freebie from a vendor. It was Cinnamon. Definitely feels different than Crest/Colgate but I'm not sure if I prefer it to my usual Tom's of Maine. It was a lot "sweeter" tasting than I expected.
  6. I had tried the Cinnamon flavor; and I have to admit that I liked its sweeting taste quite well. and I found that mouth feels better after couple of use.
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    I buy a tube here and there. It's good stuff but too expensive to be a regular. Worth trying? I would say yes.
  8. yea the cinnamon is lovely and it does work well.
  9. I have tried and like all of the Marvis flavors. My favorite is probably the original strong Mint, but the Cinnamon is really growing on me. I agree it's a bit pricey, but I always seem to end up needing about $10 to get to free shipping on my purchases and so often throw a tube in based on the reasoning, "Free shipping is always worth it!"
  10. tried the Jasmin mint and Strong mint...way overpriced, nothing special would not purchase again
  11. I have to admit that the packaging is pretty nice. Are there others like this?
  12. I know there is a french brand Botot. Although it may be made in Italy. Italian Barber and WCS carry quite a few specialty toothpastes IIRC. I've always wondered about them myself
  13. there is cuoto and euthymol
  14. I was just in Sicily and picked a couple of tubes for just under 4 euros each. I got Ginger Mint and Passion Fruit (actually my wife chose the flavors. I probably would have bought them all but I was distracted by the shaving stuff.)

    I think they're really nice, but I at $8-$10 here in the states, I won't be upgrading to luxury toothpaste permanently...

    By all means you should try it out. I will definitely be on the lookout next time I'm abroad.
  15. Sure. Here is my review. Save your money.
  16. I'm using the strong mint now. I like it, and despite the high price I will order it again. I mean it's not as if I need a new tube every month.
  17. I'd never go out of my way to buy it on its own, but I sometimes include a tube in my Italian Barber orders. Ginger has been pleasantly surprising, and, of course, cinnamon is a long time favourite. Mouth feel takes some getting used to. And to be honest, my mouth doesn't feel quite as clean as when I use regular Colgate or Crest. But the flavours are just so darn inteersting that I keep checking them out.

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