Anyone Powdercoat Their Razor?

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  1. I have read all about electroplating razors, and I did a search but did not find anything in the way of powdercoating razors. Does anyone have any experience with this? Seems like somthing that can be done at home cheaply or nearby with decent results. I have powdercoated everything from motorcycle and car parts to bicycles with decent results, and you can get anything from chrome to colors. Thanks!
  2. I don't think the thickness of the coating in the end result lends itself to a safety razor head. You could probably powder coat a handle if you must.
  3. How does the thickness compare? My only experience with powder coating was on some car wheels. It seemed like it went on thick enough to cover up some imperfections/dings (which was good). Might not be so good on a razor? I dunno. I do like the variety of the colors/finishes though.
  4. I'm not concerned about the thickness or abrasion resistance in the least. You can put it on thick or thin, however you want. Just wondering if anyone has heard of someone doing this. Might just be somthing I have to try, thanks.
  5. is this what you are referring to?
  6. I've Duracoated a black handle SS and a Super Adjustable. Nice, looks factory. I'm contemplating Cerakote on the head of a Segal, simply because of the greater hardness. Dura and Cera are both air dry (maybe a bit of help +/-100*, if you desire).

    The only caution I would have is that I don't know if razors(heads/combs in particular) are "hardened". If so, I suspect +/-20 minutes at 300* is close to annealing.

    My personal feeling is to go with a hard coating. Once you do a bunch of work with the home-stuff, the novelty wears off, and it becomes something of a PITA, breaking out the airgun, cleaning things, disassembly, etc.. Powdercoat/PTFE is good stuff, but frankly, I only want to mess with this level of rehab once per razor in my lifetime, at this point.:wink:
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  7. Not sure, but it seems to me that doing this would gunk up the head of any DE.
  8. I read something on a thread here a month or so ago about this. Someone did it. They didn't like the polished head on a Tech or a NEW, some 3 piece, but I can't remember any of the details. That was in my fuzzy memory/high BP stage. Sorry.
  9. Tolerances aren't nearly that close, unless you glopped it on. Powdercoat runs a bit thicker than Dura or Cera, so I would use one of those, but...
  10. Never heard of anyone doing it.
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    just the handle, but not the head.
  12. Thanks guys, that's helpful, seems like a 3 piece would lend itself better to the process.

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