Anyone Know What This Is?

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Do any of you know what this is? My friend kicked this up plowing a field over the weekend in Western North Carolina. It’s a good size rock with a “bowl” cut into it with a couple of holes drilled through it. I think it’s some type of “mortar and pestle” vessel, but who knows? The holes that are bored through it are very concentric - almost like a modern drill bit was used. And there is a relieved area on the top side of the “bowl” that looks like it would allow something to rest there so it wouldn’t fall or move. I think the rock is very cool, but I have no idea how old it is or who made it, so that’s why I’m asking you guys, but I assume it to be old because I don’t know why anyone would go to the trouble to cut it out if they had other available resources to do the same thing…

    Any and all comments are welcome!




  2. Could it be a mould for something? With a draining hole?
  3. It's cool looking what ever it is, hard to put a date on a rock....
  4. Very old urinal.
    You'd put a stick of Arko in it to cut down on the scent.
  5. Mike H

    Mike H Moderator Emeritus

    Looks like a foundation stone for a barn post.

  6. That's my first take as well.
  7. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    You found it!
    I have been looking everywhere for it.
  8. If that ain't proof of Bigfoot, I don't know what is.
  9. I believe what you've got there is a prehistoric shaving mug with drain hole!! Congratulations!!
  10. My archeaologist wife told me that it's pretty modern. Especially with the perfectly round hole in the bottom there, that was made by some kind of steel bit. She was guessing at the most a couple of hunderd years old. She also told me that most ancient stone tools were shaped, not scooped out like this one. After doing a bit of research online I'd guess that this is some kind of base stone used to hold a pole or markerHere's a pic of something similar I found:

  11. The hole may have been to drain off any water, thus preventing the wood from rotting.
  12. Try a local historical society or museum
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Beat me to it. Tsoukalicious!
  15. Thats similar to what I was thinking as well.
  16. Legion

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    Ahh! That makes sense! I was buying the foundation stone thing but I could think of a reason to go to all the trouble of drilling the hole.
  17. Another possibility ...

    I have something similar I bought from a guy who brings them up from Mexico for sale along the roadside. It was made as a "rustic" planter. Mine does not have a hole drilled in it but the guy was careful to explain that this was a very porous rock so did not need any extra drainage.

    If that's what yours is, I don't know how it got buried in a field!
  18. I love these kind of things. You can let your mind go anyplace with it - all the while that nagging wondering! I like the idea of using for a planter for maybe a Bonsai or Air plant.

    Cool Rock!
  19. Thats an 80 grit Carolina Coticule.
  20. A Tomohawk? ax? Minus the wood that has since rotted away?

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