Anyone ever use Avon Bay Rum?

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  1. If so, how was it? Real bay-rummy, or clovish?
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  3. Avon still makes a Bay Rum? I wasn't aware of this.
  4. Sorry, not anymore they don't, but I know where a sealed "jug" of it is for sale. They're asking a bit for it but most other Avons I've found - even open - still smell as they should. Don't want to buy it if it smells like cloves, though.
  5. OK, I was about to say, my Avon rep has been holding out on me! A sealed jug, huh? What's the value of the bottle, since they are collectors items now it might be worth getting for that alone.
  6. Sunday I found a 90% full jug of the '60s era (non-vanilla formula) stuff with it's original box yesterday for $ can pay that for an empty jug on the bay. Smells darn fine, subtler than the newer stuff I've tried. Already gave the Master's to my dad, who says he'll use it to deodorize the doghouse. Would like to find more of the old Avon BR but I know the odds are way against it. Yesterday was a real luck-out.
  7. I find plenty of the old AVON aftershaves full and used in our local thrift stores. Salvation Army and Goodwill sometimes have up to 40 bottles of the collectable bottles that are shaped like cars and other things. I'm not too fond of them but I did find one I liked, it's a black car bottle w/ red cap and it smells like black licorice. I haven't found any of the Bay Rum but I see it all the time on eBay. Not going after it as I don't think AVON from the other scents I've smelled is that amazing. If I could find some in a thrift store fro $3 or under I would definitely buy it. What years did AVON make their Bay Rum?? eBay listings say 1960's and another I saw said 1981. Anyone compare the different decades of AVON's Bay Rum? Same smell, different? How would you rank them?
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    I have a couple bottles of vintage Avon Bay Rum. It is one of my favorites scent wise.
    But there are some current production By Rums that smell just as good.
    To me the Bay Rum in both bottles shown below smells the same.

    Here is my boxed Anniversary bottle from 1981

    And here is the Jug. I'm not sure when it was produced
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