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  1. untucked , partially unbuttoned, "casual" button down, longsleeved shirt look? I know that this is the "official cool yet casual look" for guys aged 16-50 or something, but I think it i just looks assine. I am an all or nothing at all type of guy. If you are going to go casual, just wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt or polo with jeans. If you are going to wear a button down, longsleeved shirt, just wear dress slacks and tuck the damn thing in. I am assuming that I am alone in this opinion, since every guy I see seems to dress like this whenever he is heading out on a date, to the club/bar, party, etc. [​IMG]
  2. Not even on my radar.
  3. I rather like dressing up a little bit then making it functional.
  4. If I wear a dress shirt, it's because I'm dressing up. So I'm tucked in and most likely wearing a tie. If I go dressy casual I'll wear a Polo untucked. The pic you linked with plaid I kinda get, but man bust out the iron!
  5. I don't wear button down shirts untucked - I usually wear straight cut polos and two-button shirts if I am going casual.
  6. A lot of my coworkers dress like this. I hate it. It looks even worse when they wear a sweater over an untucked shirt. I don't really care how people dress when they are on the streets, but it does irk me at work.
  7. Ugh, I see a lot of this here in Oz. Some of those shirts are obviously meant to be tucked in, hence the length. Maybe I'm biased because I was in the Forces, but it just looks untidy.

    My casual wear is an IRONED shirt, either long or short sleeved and tucked into chinos or jeans. T-shirts are strictly for travel.
  8. Only reason I wear untucked shirts (button down, square bottom usually, shortsleeve) is because I need them to hide things society no longer likes to see without running away screaming, since they've turned into a bunch of pansies.

    Otherwise, it's tucked in all the time, it's the way I was raised.
  9. I like to wear my button down shirts untucked only the ones that are designed to be so. Otherwise you look like you're wearing a bib. I see it only as a weekend casual day look. I won't do that if we're going out for dinner or drinks (unless I'm going to a dive bar where as long as you're wearing any shirt at all is bonus). I also find it nice to wear either an untucked linen or seersucker BD with shorts.
  10. I would not wear my button-downs like that. In the summer, I usually wear shorts, with a untucked polo, but the button-downs are for dressing up - why ruin it?
  11. I think the problem is people have seen the enrgetic and trendy young man looking quite good like this, in a refreshingly ir-reverent sort of way, then think "if he's allowed to do that, so am I".
    Doesn't always work like that.
    Though, it works for dr Who and he's many Centuries old
  12. I've done it and I like the look, but it doesn't work for all kinds of shirts. A casual button down shirt is not the same as a long dress shirt for tucking in. You do need to be slim and trim to pull it off.
  13. Depends. A majority of collared shirts are not meant to be untucked, but a few of the more casual, thin ones that are nice in the summer. For example, in your second picture, the one on the right looks out of place, but the guy on the left looks fine, as that shirt was made to be worn in such a way.

    I'm also the look still works on me! :walkman:
  14. I've never done it and I can say I never will. I never leave my shirt untucked and I don't see the point of having it untucked really, I've never been sure why that look is 'cool' even amongst the club scene types. To me, an Oxford cloth button down collar shirt is already 'casual' (it has its origins in sports shirts) but that just means I never wear it with a tie. These tend to be my 'Casual Friday' shirts but my definition of 'casual' is pretty formal by other people's standards. With an OCBD shirt, I still try to iron them and always tuck them in whilst wearing a sports jacket.

    Now, one caveat: I am a 31 year old academic so maybe that look you speak of was neither designed nor sold for someone like me. ;)
  15. Ha! I dress like this about 80% of the time. The shirts I buy aren't "dress shirts" that are meant to be tucked in and worn with slacks or a suit though. Those shirts tend to be bigger and more "billowy". They look very stupid when worn untucked. I buy shirts that are pretty much meant to be worn like this (although they can be tucked in). They have more of the "modern", "fitted" look and typically have straight collars versus collars with buttons. My main reason for dressing like this is where I work. I'm in the graphics department of a large printing company. I work directly in the production facility and go out on the pressroom floor quite often. Our dress code also requires steel toe boots to be worn at all times. Its also very dusty and dirty on the production floor. Therefore, I usually wear jeans, and sometimes casual slacks that don't look ridiculous with steel toe boots. I'm 26, so in my book its a sin to tuck anything into jeans. Hint - old people, you look stupid when you tuck shirts into jeans!!! Hence, the casual partially unbuttoned button down shirt.
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  16. I never go untucked either. But you really can't go by me. It was only this year that my wife finally convinced me that wingtips are not the only acceptable dress shoe. I've never gone to church without tie and jacket. And I still forget about half the time and put on a tie when I dress for work. The policy changed over six months ago.
  17. :lol:

    I have a very good friend who I've known for over 20 years and I've been telling him this since we were teenagers. He still does it.
  18. this look makes it seem like most people are wearing nightgowns, because the shirt sits so low. HOWEVER, if the bottom of the shirt is straight-cut horizontally, and the shirt has a very informal pattern, then it looks's almost identical to just wearing a polo untucked. for example, the left-hand picture in your second link is acceptable, but the other two pics you posted are not.
  19. There is a difference between "casual" and "dress" button-up shirts. Broadcloth button-up shirts with neck and arm sizes are not meant to be worn untucked. Casual dress shirts (that come in S, M, L, XL sizes) are an entirely different beast, and can basically be worn however you want. Some are specifically cut slightly shorter in order to be worn untucked without looking goofy.
  20. yeah well said :)

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