Anybody tried the RazoRock bar soaps

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  1. Title says it all
    If you have I would like to hear your comments/favorite scents?

  2. Crazy lather. Like suds everywhere with one swipe lather. Buuuuutttt, the skin care just isn't there for me. I've tried 4 different kinds, and have had to use them as hand soaps by my sink because they dry me out.
  3. yup. i had COCONUT and it smelled & worked amazing, but the one i had didn't last long enough for me to warrant purchasing another...YMMV, perhaps i didn't let it dry enough in between uses.

    now i use Yardley lavender from the dollar store.
  4. Thank you if it dries you out im out!!
  5. I can only go by my own experience, but I ordered the Razorock 'Classic' (and received the Razorock 'XXX' instead) and definitely did not like it. It had a really strong scent, and my one daughter, who likes to put a dab of my CO Bigelow or VDH Luxury on her nose, said "it burns and stinks!" and ran out of the room. It lathered OK, but but it did seem to dry fast and I just didn't enjoy it the way I do the Bigelow or the VDH (or, best of all, a uber-lather with just a drop of Bigelow on the VDH Luxury soap).

  6. are you talking about shave soaps or body soaps...the OP is asking about BODY soaps.
  7. Yes im asking about body soap but i love the story!! It burns and stinks and ran out of the room!! Classic Kids are funny
  8. I bought 3 bar soaps and they all dried my skin. Too bad because I wanted to break the monotony of dove soap. Oh well...
  9. they sure are. when i was using XXX, my kids and even my wife wouldn't kiss me before work :mellow:
  10. I've been tempted to try them, but I've such great results with my Canus soaps that I'm not quite willing to branch out (Canus got me through winter without the usually dry legs I suffer).
  11. I have used a couple of them and they where nice but didnt last very long for me at all. I didnt have the problem of them drying my skin out like others but i know one bar of the soap i used only lasted a little over a week for me.
  12. same here. i think that's how long it last me, maybe 1.5 wks. a buddy also purchased and said the same thing.
  13. Love the RazoRock shaving soaps; not so much the bar soap. They are lousy....and disappear very quickly. So many better soaps out there.
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    Just a tid-bit of info... making a bar soap last longer is easy, all you have to do is remove more of the natural glycerin that is produced in the soap-making process; it all depends what you trying to achieve.
  15. agreed. there was nothing wrong with the scent, quality or soap i used. some are saying it dried out their skin, which i did not find. i have a feeling mine would have lasted longer if it wasn't on the bottom rack of the shower shelf in the corner and getting wet from the shower spray. perhaps other people (wife and kids) were sneakingly using my bar too, who knows.
  16. I checked your website most of the soaps are out of stock will you be getting more in?
  17. I was recently PIF'd a tub of Razorock XXX shaving soap and really like it. This is considered a strong smell? This is nothing compared to TOBS.

    In any case, I didn't realize that Razorock made bath soaps. I'll have to look that up.

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