Anybody else prefer cheapo brushes?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by guitarslinger, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. I started with a Vulfix $34.99 badger model from classic.

    I used it about 400 times and decided it was a little floppy and showing some wear. So, I decided to splurge and bought a B&B ebony '06. It ended up being too soft for me, and too big. It just didn't scrub my face the way I like.

    meanwhile, about 350 shaves into my vulfix, I had bought a bodyshop synthetic just on a whim. I threw it into my shaving supply box and kinda forgot about it. It felt weird, and I didn't even get a hankering to try it.

    fast forward to this month, and the body shop synthetic is my favorite by far.

    It's soft and STIFF as could be. It's also nice and lightweight. It even looks cool. $10? yes, please.:thumbup1:
  2. If you've found the perfect brush for yourself your to be congratulated.

    personally, I find synthetics to not hold water and not build lather very good plus I don't like the feel of them. But thats just me.
  3. Each to one's own taste.
  4. My Burma Shave brush ($6) is my favorite and used almost everyday.
  5. I use a Burma shave brush daily. No complaints thus far, but I'm contemplating moving up to a badger brush soon.
  6. I like my C&E Travel brush, but I'd like something a little larger and stiffer. However, by stiffer I mean the brush as a whole, not the bristles, so I guess something like a normal brush but with a collar that goes a half inch up the knot so as to force all the bristles into a nice compact bunch. The B&B Essential looks like it'll be about what I want. I like the softness of the tips of the badger hair in the brush I have, but I want the bristles as a whole to stand up a little straighter for better exfoliation.
  7. I have no complaints with my $5 drugstore brush.
  8. I really enjoy my $10 Tweezerman badger. The size is just perfect for me.

  9. +1 tweezerman
    +.5 on burma shave :001_smile
  10. I too have the body shop brush and LOVE it. I do want to try a few others but it is way better than the boar hair I have and never use.

  11. hello there.

    indeed i also like the 'cheapo' brushes. currently using a wilkinson sword boar hair job. i like its bristliness and stiffness. seems to make lather fine to me. my only quibble is its stupid handle shape - it goes from round at one end to ovoid at the other. stupid. but, i can't really complain for $6.

  12. Prefer is an awfully strong word, but I use an MP pure on the occasion my scruff feels exceptionally coarse, and boar's bristle really isn't bad.

    I definitely prefer a fine grade badger brush, cause I have a precious face.
  13. Pretty accurate. :biggrin:

    Of course, for a treat, I still love my silver tip
  14. Prior to today, I might have said no to cheapie brushes, but I had a really good shave using the AOS starter kit brush and what I imagine would be called cheap soap (Van Der Hagen -- $1.99 at Walgreens). I have been using an Omega 6214, but I am starting to think I like a brush with more bite to it. And logically, a stiffer brush should be better because it would provide more exfoliation and better whisker set up. Ironically, the higher-priced softer brushes may feel nicer to the skin, but they will flop around more and not grab and lift whiskers as good. On the other hand, all of this may amount to some kind of "Princess and the Pea" type of psychology, and I don't know what the Hell I'm talking about. :blink:
  15. Talk about cheapo brushes, I like the cheapo-made-in-China-cheapo brushes. Gold 7, here in Dallas sells the best. They're kinda like those small Sally's beauty supply store. The store clerk says they're boar hair but I suspect synthetic or something worse. All I know is that they lather great, slightly stiff for good control and don't shed at all. I have two which I bought for about $3.00 each and they are my favorites. Gold 7 also carries Osage Rub and that stuff is great aftershave!
  16. Omega Boar Brush (12$) is one of my favourites.
  17. ditto on the Omega Boar Brush. I have used it almost exclusively for 8 years and now that I am using soaps almost daily, it really provides the backbone for loading a brush and still being soft enough. One of the great shaving buys!
  18. I used a VDH for 3 months and the upgraded to the Tweezerman. I think after a while the boars hair grows on you and gets softer but it does fall out all over your face. The Tweezerman is a nice brush for the money and a hold me over until the B & B Essential come out
  19. The hairs on my $10 drug store brush just fell out in one solid lump after 3 shaves.LOL.
  20. +3.14159 :thumbup1:

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