Any WHEEL GUN lovers out there...?

Discussion in 'Shooting Sports and Firearms' started by Tom Krein, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hi my name is Tom and I'm a wheel-a-holic!

    I am just getting set up for the first time to reload and this means I will be able to afford to start shooting a BUNCH! I have to! I tell myself its the only way to get the $$$ back out of the equipment!

    ANYWAY... I have been getting my wheelguns in condition to shoot. I'll be doing some tunes on them and fitting new grips, getting holsters, etc... I'm going to be shooting them a lot as one of the places I have to shoot is outside and I HATE looking for brass that my auto's have thrown all over the place! I'm going to keep the auto's for inside!

    This has reminded me how much I LOVE WHEEL GUNS.... especially N frame S&W's! I have them in .357mag, .41mag, and .44mag! I also have .38's/.357's in J, K, and L frames and I'm going to shoot the piss out of them!

    Anyone else a wheelgun NUT?

    Here is a pic of my S&W .41 mag...


    This is a shot of my Ruger Bisley 5 shot .45Colt Custom by David Clements!!


    Lets see some PICS of your wheelies!! :w00t:

  2. Pics? OK picK one of these for a pic: Webley-Pryce No 4, Webley MK VI, Webley Enfield MK VI, Webely MK II .38, Webley MK III .32, S&W 629, s&w 28, s&w 19, S&W 18, S&W 10 (6 inch), S&W 10 (4 inch, 3 of them), Nagant 1912, 1913, 1918, 1922, 1927......

    I think I like wheelguns too
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    Wheel guns sure are pretty.
  4. I reload for all of these except the .22 - there is a 44mg 454 casull, 30 M1 Carbine, and the snub is a 7 shot .357 mag

    I will not own another Smith - this gun came apart at roudn 1500 - it was a Lou Horton Special in 44 Mag - it was a great gun - could drop a .44 round thru 1 inch pasties at 5 yards - loved this gun...

    Then on round 1500 using about the only box of factory ammo I ever used - Blazer ammo - she came apart - I received a fairly decent cut to the face from flying brass.
    I sent th is back to smith and they ran their test and rulled it metal fatique and sent me a brand new gun - free of charge - I promptly sold that and bought a ruger.
    Interestly my father had a smith come apart on him as well - but his was from running max loads the entire life of the gun - about 10 years...
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  5. I've got a few. They are nice for reloading; no chasing brass, no fussing about with pressure curves.

    My favorite is this S&W 627PC. It is an 8-shot .357 mag built on the N-frame action, with a really lovely trigger pull in both single and double action.
  6. Take your pic.... Would love to see those Webley's!!

    Pretty AWESOME!! :)

    JayM, Love Rugers myself!! I really like the S&W's too though... in fact I have a Lew Horton S&W 29 just like yours! SCARY!!

    Mparker, those 8 shot .357's are pretty sweet! I have the same gun!

  7. Heres a cell phone shot of my Webley-Pryce

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    $2 Mags 003.jpg ..... $2 Mags 005.jpg

    Yeah, I'm an old wheel gun guy. I no longer hunt, which some of you know, but my two sons are avid hunters, and shooters. Within the last year or so I gave them some thirty rifles, revolvers, shotguns, and semi autos. Had then transfered through an ffl, so no legal problems when I am stirring at the lid someday. Flipped a coin, and # one son won. His first pick was a Walther P5 I purchased a number of years ago, and never fired. #two son picked a Colt Python Nickel plated fully factory engraved, so he follows in my foot steps on wheel guns. On, and on it went till all were all gifted. Well my favorite platform has always been a . 357 Rem mag. I guess they felt sorry for me, so they bought me a Taurus M66 .357 Rem. mag. I gotta tell you this piece really surprised me, as it shoots as well as any .357 I have ever owned. I do keep a few around the house yet, so above you see the old, and the new. I hope I didn't bore you too much, but I do love wheel guns.
  9. I have a repro Bisley but it's shameful compared to what's pictured here.
  10. I started out on 6 shooters, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for them.
  11. I LOVE those old pinned and recessed Smiths!
  12. I learned to shoot pistols on a heavy barreled 4" Model 10. My first handgun was a Security Six.

    i've owned a variety of them over the years, and while i'll always be an auto user, i wouldn't complain if i had a wheelgun at hand.
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    If this piece could talk, I bet it could tell some great tales
  14. Got a few. S&W K-14, 2 S&W 1917s, GP100, and I think a model 10 in the safe(altho my son might have taken that). My K-14 is as accurate as I am, it will ding 12" steel plates at a hundred yards with wadcutters until you get bored. I still want a nice Mdl 66 or 65 but never came across one at the right time and the right price. And I ought to get a little 5 shot Airweight for CCW.


    PS- Here is a pic. The wife said don't worry about the Mdl 10 which means its in her nightstand. Can't blame her since I am working graves.

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  15. I have been researching it for 3 years. There is one other extant in the world with that retailers name (james dalziel dougall, the famous scottish gunsmith). I shoot 255 grain .454 slugs over about 8 grains of FFFg. Shoots like a dream
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    That is a great story!

    I'm a big fan of Taurus revolvers, they're a great bargain. And lets be honest, any company that makes revolvers that can shoot shotgun shells is a-ok in my book

  17. Run over by a truck in 1971,bent the frame.
  18. That's enough to make a grown man cry!
  19. It did.
  20. Being probably younger than most revolver lovers, I've never owned a full size. I've fired them and really enjoy them- more so than the semi-autos... all I have now is a few 642s, and I prefer them to the Glock 26 easily !

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