Any well-heeled RAD victims around here?

Discussion in 'Shopping and Deals' started by dcobranchi, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. It's a nice collection, but I'm not sure I see 3k in value there. Maybe 1k or 1.5 k, but not 3, and definitely not 6.
  2. What a bunch of hooey. That averages out of almost $30 a razor. My guess is that the Gillettes represent a small portion of them and most of 'em are stuff you wouldn't pay $10 for. And I love his use of the term "book value." Really? Someone please show me the official "blue book" guide to old razors.

    If I wasn't someone who firmly believes in the right of sellers to wait for months to try to sell overpriced merchandise to gullible purchasers who don't do their research ahead of time, I'd flag his ad. :shifty:
  3. I guess he's hoping someone with more dollars than sense and a huge case of RAD will just pony up something close to three grand to have an instant collection. Personally, that would have no appeal for me. Part of the fun is the hunt and finding deals. Anyone can overpay for a razor. For $200, one can easily buy a totally mint, cased Fat Boy on e-bay. For $1,000, make it a bottom dial. Those who buy such razors and consider them investments are just betting they'll continue to rise in value. That may not be a bad bet but it's not one I'm willing to make. There's no shortage of cool old stuff to acquire in general and no shortage of old razors in particular.
  4. I have or have had 80% of the razors displayed and I did not pay close to the price wanted. I agree with Parallax, part of the fun is finding these razors.
  5. I don't know...I guess it really depends upon the condition of the collection. With nice condition, boxed Gillettes pulling in over $200 on eBay, it wouldn't take a math professor to figure out some of his math. In the last photo, there are three full shelves of boxed Gillettes that appear to be in very good condition.

    That said, I don't think he will have much success without at least a few high quality, closeup photos of some of those razors. If he has a high-quality collection, he would get more money parting it out and letting folks get into bidding wars.
  6. +++1
    A long time ago I was in the wine business and one of my friends memorably said (memorable in spite of the quantity of bordeaux we'd just drunk): "Any A**hole with money can buy a great first growth bordeaux, it takes talent to find a great wine for $5.99."
  7. Very true and, better still, takes no talent to find a great razor for $5.99. Any Tech will do and, heck, I've picked up Superspeeds for as little as $3. I've also picked up a gorgeous Black Beauty for $5, a Slim that was gunked but cleaned up great for $9, and a near-mint Fat Boy in its box for $22.50. Everything I own has been acquired in the last few weeks so don't think there are no deals to be had.
  8. The deals are there to be had but you've got to look. I've been to dozens of antique shops with many overpriced razors (brassed Techs for $30, etc.) but once in a while you can find a cased Fatboy for $5. It's fun going on these expeditions. Yes, I've overpaid for razors that I've really wanted but my source of joy are the ones I've gotten amazing deals on.

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