Any vegetarians or vegan's out there?

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  1. I have been steadily increasing my vegetable intake with a corresponding decrease in meat. I currently refer to myself as a flexetarian. (is that a word?) I gusee omnivore works too. My main concern is personal health. I'm not sure that I feel the need to completely quit eating meat... etc. Not sure I don't feel the need.

    Any pointer's.
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    My wife is vegan for about a year, before she was vegetarian who ate some seafood and milk products. The switch to being complete vegan was very beneficial for her blood values (she is a heart patient who had a trip BP some 6 years ago). I do not follow her diet, but I do a couple days or meals in vegan or vegetarian per week. However, I love to eat meat and meat products as well as seafood.....and there is nothing better for me than bacon....
  3. It appears that the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of a vegetarian diet. The Seventh-day Adventists have recommended it to their church members for years because it is what was served in Eden and probably what will be served in Heaven (no death and dying). They also have some good recipes that I have tried. They give out free information and sometimes hold cooking classes at the local church. You don't have to be a member to participate.

    It would seem that there is definitive physical, mental, and even spiritual benefits to be gained from such a diet.

    Well wishes to you and your wife.
  4. After 5 PM I transform into a vegan because it suits my dietary needs best. Other than that, humans are omnivores and that's a scientific fact.
  5. Being Jewish, bacon was off the menu until I found duck bacon. OMG, it may not be the same but it's awfully delicious. As to the OP question, I go vegetarian once or twice a week (usually Indian).
  6. I'm not a vegetarian, even though I have the green badge of broccoli, but I do like well prepare vegetarian dishes such as Dal. And I'm one of those who needs to keep up a high protein diet with higher than normal protein levels. Meat is the most efficient way to do that.
  7. It is also a scientific fact that humans do not need to eat meat. It is also a scientific fact that diets high in meat and dairy contribute to a whole host of diseases. I am not a vegetarian....I used to be for a few years but I think lost the self control needed somewhere along the way.
  8. I'm a strict vegan in diet, but unfortunately not completely in lifestyle. Unfortunately, I can't get as good of results from things like synthetic brushes, so I still use non-vegan shaving products. And I kind of hate myself for it sometimes. But then I get a great shave and it's not so bad.
  9. My girlfriend prefers to vegetarian simply because she doesn't like the taste of meats. Every now and then she'll eat meat but mostly she sticks to veggies. I one the other hand love to bbq so meat is essential for me although I have made some killer bbq veggie dishes.
  10. True, but keep in mind vegetarians are still omnivores :001_tt2:
    Good luck with your transition, and welcome to the club :thumbup1:
  11. I've definitely cut back. I like the taste very sparingly but I'm not one who needs a whole breast of chicken or steak. Now, I do need my pasta, bread and sushi!! Love fish. Fresh salmon. Yum
  12. I have been a vegetarian for 17 years. I have always tried to avoid "converting" people, so I don't want to sound like I'm trying to talk you into it, but I can say that you can definitely be perfectly, physically healthy for a prolonged time without eating meat.
  13. What is that dish (Dal)
  14. Jim

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    Dried peas reconstituted.
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    I hit the bar every now and again myself.
  16. I've been vegan for more than a year now, and I love it. I've lost weight and I feel so much healthier all around, in both body and mind. I heavily recommend it to anyone who would like to detach themselves from the abhorrent practices of the inseparable meat, dairy, and egg industries.
  17. Big +1. I haven't had meat in over 3 years. I don't miss it much at all. The day that I find a good synthetic brush is that day that I'll sell off all my boars and badgers and buy more razors. I haven't yet and I've tried quite a few of them. I'm not preachy, don't try to convert anyone, and really don't talk much about it.
  18. You should really check out these products: Vegetarian and Kosher and makes everything taste like bacon, heaven on earth :lol:

    Tried the new Muhle synthetics? I have one and it's not bad at all. Not exactly like my badgers and boars of course, but impressive still. Supposed to be the best synth made so far.

    I'd last a day max as a vegetarian, not an option for me. :smile:
  19. I'm more/less the same, vegetarian diet for 11 years but I compromise on products. Shoes in particular. AFAIK, there's no synthetic cordovan. :001_tongu

    Personally, I find it very easy to stay veg in the US. I have a significantly harder time in continental Europe. My cheese intake increases dramatically. Health-wise, I've heard that's OK so long as all of the fat is dissolved with large quantities of wine. :biggrin1:

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