Any Opinel lovers?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I bought an Opinel au carbon nº 6 a couple of months ago, which I basically use for woodworking (minor carving, notching), and I really like this knife, holds a good edge, the locking system works really well and it's cheap, for sure.

    So, who shares the love? By the way, do you think that a bigger one in inox would be ok for gutting fish?
  2. I have a #7 and its a great knife for gardening.
    For the price, its hard to beat (especially for carbon steel models).
  3. yeah im a fan they make a mean skinning knife the carbon takes a nice edge.
    plus the handles are ergonomic and dont take much to customise and make more comfortable.
  4. I'm a fan but usually they take a back seat to my other knives
  5. $Opinel Carbon.jpg I imagine the OP is refering to one of Opinel's many folding offerings, but I'll throw this up anyway because I like them so much. About five years I bought this little 2-pack of Opinel's CARBON paring knives. The price at the time was about $20 shipped. I have never even had to unwrap the second knife, and I use my main one several times every day.

    I eat a lot of fruit out of hand, and this little beauty slices through even the densest apples like a guillotine. I keep it honed with one of those little handheld sharpeners that has the carbide sharpening slot on one side and the ceramic slot on the other. By keeping this soft carbon honed regularly (all of 30 seconds), I hardly ever have to sharpen it. I rarely use it on a cutting board, so that may dull it a little faster than my uses.

    They make a stainless steel version, but I recommend the carbon. Easy to keep an edge on and easy to sharpen when you need to. The carbon does react with some foods when still new, but once that seasoning patina on the blade becomes permanent, it's a real joy. The handles are beechwood and sometimes pearwood. Love mine and thought I'd pass it on.
  6. This thread has reminded me that I should purchase some Opinel knives.
  7. I am not into gutting fish but I do like the big Opinels. When I am out camping there is always a no. 12 (carbon steel) along as 'kitchen' knife and a no. 10 for general purpose. At home I carry a no. 8 in my pocket. I prefer the carbon steel over the SS knives, not just with Opinels btw.
  8. I have enjoyed mine so far. They keep a good edge and are great conversations starters.
  9. After visiting Opinel's site, I see they actually have chef's knives! Anyone ever own one? Thoughts?
  10. Can hardly find any reviews of the Chef's Knife at all, so I've ordered one of those plus two paring knives in blue :thumbup:
  11. The Chef's Knife and the blue paring knives are both stainless steel so I have no experience with them. Only the carbon.
  12. The are great little knives for the price!
    Decent enough steel & the lockign system is genius.

    Big bonus is that you can take it out everywhere without making people feel uncomfortable.

    Try peeling an apple at a playground with a Spyderco Military & you'll see what I mean :biggrin:
  13. I love my personalized N0. 8.


  14. I have one of the tiny folders somewhere (a no. 4?) that is so light you literally forget it is in your pocket... until it jabs you in the leg. The small folders do not have locking rings. I like mine, but if I ever get another one it will have the locking ring.
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    Big fan of the Opinels - I have 3, a number 8 in carbon, a rosewood handled one with the thin blade and, the stainless number 9 I recently purchased at a French farmer's market for the princely sum of 10.3 Euros (approximately $13).

    All of these take a great edge and I really like the timless design and practicality. I can't think of a better knife for cutting up fruit at the office, picknicking or one of the larger ones for cooking use while camping - the #12 has a nice 12cm (approximately 4.75 inches) blade and the stainless version costs $20 to $25.
  16. This one is very good for the french wine :

  17. Do any B&Ms sell them?

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    You should be able to get them in a lot of camping stores. You can in Aus, anyway.
  19. can someone tell me opinel knife is legal to carry in texas .

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