Any members in Japan?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by thunderball, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if any of you fine fellows (or ladies) are over here in the Land of the Rising Sun? I'm guessing not too many, but hey, worth a shot! :smile:
  2. Spent 3 years in Yokusuka and Iwakuni.
  3. Trying to get your hands on some japanese products?
  4. Nope, been living in Osaka for 9 years now and just wondering if any other members were over here...I get jealous seeing all this trading of soaps, etc going on in the states and was thinking it would be cool if there were a few of us over here who might be able to hook up some trades, etc. :biggrin: But if anyone else wants some Japanese stuff, well....might be able to hook ya up. :smile:
  5. What kind of soaps do you have in Japan? I would think about a trade.
  6. That's actually a good question. I often get a straight-razor shave when I get my haircut but all of my own shaving stuff was bought online from the states or England. I have just started out though so I'll have to give some of the local stuff a go! :biggrin:

    I was thinking more of trading 'the good stuff' with other members (Trumpers, Taylor, Harris, Truefitt, etc.) but I will certainly let y'all know when I get ahold of some of the Japanese soaps, etc. and give them a try. Of course Feather blades are everywhere but they really aren't that much cheaper here than the states (about $4 a pack). If, however, there's something specific that somebody already knows about and wants from Japan I can have a look around. :001_cool:
  7. Several things, I'd love to get some Japan shave products and I want to be on Ninja Warrior REAL BAD!! It's my favorite T.V. show. I also think Japanese women are HOT!!!! :a50:
  8. LOL. Thatsa great idea. Good luck with that. I cant afford anything from japan :-(
  9. Shipping and insurance can be tricky...I'll see what I can do. :biggrin::eek:
  10. I'm waiting to see if I will become a JET teacher, so I might be in Japan this summer.

    How is the life in Japan? I have no idea where I might be sent. If I get into JET, it will be the biggest surprise.
  11. Black Adder

    Black Adder Contributor

    I agree 100% with canman23, Japanese women can be breathtaking!

    Don't drop ship me one, though, thunderball. I have no place to put her!:crying:

    Samovar, go to this site, The site owner, Peter Payne, is an English teacher over there, and some of his posts are pretty enlightening about life in Japan, and particularily life as an English teacher in Japan. There is adult content on this site; you have been informed.

  12. If they pass the Apple Test.
  13. Screw that, the jlist site is crap. Visit

    The author is part of the JET program and his posts are hilarious.
  14. Currently in Yokosuka and from what it looks like in the same boat as you just starting out. If you are looking to so something on the cheap, I am fortunate enough to have a US mailing address over here if getting stuff to Japan gets too egregious.
  15. I take it is an FPO. :sneaky2:
  16. <.<

  17. royalcrown, nice to hear you're "in country" and thanks for the kind offer! :biggrin:

    samovar, good luck getting into JET - they're treated pretty well (ie. spoiled)'ll have a hard time going home afterwards. as for Japanese life, check out a site called and go into the forums...everything you need to know (and even more you didn't need to know). :redface:
  18. This is my first post on badger and blade. Hello everyone
    A google search turned up posts by royalcrown and quaiti, and I decided to join.
    Currently in Nagoya.

    I'm hoping to see if Japan has it's own products. The posts I saw before make me think I'll have to stick to online shopping though.

    My shaving background: none really. I'm in my mid 20's and am just now hairy enough to make shaving my face mandatory, so I'm glad I took an interest in DE razors when I did. I have a mach 3 and some nivea sensitive skin prodcuts lying around here somewhere, used once in a blue moon.

    If Japan has no equivalent, then I plan to get a Merkur adjustable and some sort of shave brush online.

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