Any long time Technivorm owners?

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  1. As I posted on another thread, my Keurig is broken, so I am looking to go back to a "real" coffee maker. I mentioned buying an expensive coffee maker to the wife, and she said "get whatever you want", so I am debating getting the Technivorm Moccamaster.

    From all the reviews, I have no doubt it performs as billed, but my question is with the build quality and longevity. I really don't mind paying $300 for a coffee maker if it will last the next 10 years.

    So can any owners share the impressions of the build quality? I'm not sure how long the Moccamaster has even been available, so maybe there isn't enough "data" out there yet. I've also come across the Bonavita BV1800 for half the price, but I can't help but feel like it would be "cheap", and there isn't much feedback out there on it. For all I know they'll all break in a year. The other machine I've put on my shortlist is the Bunn ST, as I've always considered Bunn to be a quality brand.
  2. I know this isn't quite what you are asking, but I stared at Technivorms for 3 months.
    Then I found this and have been SUPER happy for a year so far. They were $44, so once I found I liked it, I bought a second one due to the negative reviews in case it died.

    Much better looking IMO. The design of it is far superior to the Technivorm, none of those cheap looking plastic parts that could warp. 200 degrees by my thermometer in the basket. 6 minutes for a pot. I don't get the negative reviews. Mine works like a Rolls-Royce.
  3. Technivorms are solid. My parents have had them for the past 30-40 years (longer then I have been around). Expensive, yes, works and keeps working, yes.
  4. It looks like the negative reviews are because it fails, not necessarily because it doesnt brew good coffee. Ive come across this one in my research but would preferably buy one good machine that lasts than buy 5 good machines that dont last for the same price. I just hate waste like that. That is why I am tempted to tear down every appliance that breaks when the common practice is to toss it and get another.
  5. Agreed on the why of the bad reviews. I imagine if a person is careless enough not to put the the pot under the drip mechanism all the way and let it overflow all over the counter it could short out. I haven't had that problem and it's been a trouper for a year. I don't stick knives in my toaster either. Even though I have the backup I think I'd get this fixed if it did quit. It's just so nicely made. The precision with which everything fits together is unlike any coffee maker I've owned.

    Let us know how the Technivorm works out!
  6. Never had problems with my Technivorm but I didn't use it much. Sold it for as much as I had paid for it a few years down the road.
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  8. is the technivorm a drip coffee maker? just curious and couldnt tell from the pictures, etc.
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    basically its a automated pour over.
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    The Technivorm is well constructed inside where it counts. I don't own one but I've had coffee brewed with at Sweet Maria's (yes really) and Williams Sonoma. I think it brews an excellent cup of coffee. I saw a good review of the Bonavita from someone who compared it with the Technivorm. I would never buy another Behmor product based on my experience with their roaster.
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  12. Well I bought a Technivorm with the thermal carafe today. I happened to see them in Williams Sonoma and the woman in the store mentioned their very liberal return policy should I be unhappy or if it were to break down the road, so it pushed me over the top. She also mentioned that she has never seen one come back because the owner was unhappy.

    I was confused by something though and maybe an owner can verify if they saw the same thing. The box says it is a 5 year warranty, but the manual says 12 months. A couple internet listings for the machine also say 5 years. So is it 5 years or 1 year?
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  13. You'll be happy with your Technivorm. I used one in Germany for four years and gave it to my landlord when I repatriated to Canada (220V) I have had one now for about 18 months and it works great. The stainless carafe needs cleaning and I do that with a bit of Cafenza and let it sit for a few hours. We make lots of coffee with it and it performs flawlessly. My unit has a 5 yr warranty.
  14. Technivorm Warranty now 5 years

    Published on July 18, 2011 in Commentary. 0 Comments

    We were informed last week that all Technivorm Moccamaster coffeemakers now carry a five year manufacturer’s warranty, speaking to the longevity of the product line made in Holland. For the past several years Technivorms have come with a one year warranty so this is welcome improvement
  15. Thanks for posting the video. For a better taste test comparison, I think they should redo it using the same type of carafe. As the coffee flavor will vary based on temperature.
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  16. I have owned a Technivorm Mocha Master for roughly a year now. Never had a problem and it always makes a great cup of coffee. I really like the glass "vial" tube in the water compartment as it gives clear indication of when I need to descale my machine. I usually just use white vineagar and have never had an issue.

    I would recommend the Techivorm as a good consumer machine.

  17. Well it was doing a great job until I noticed a pool of water around it the last couple mornings. It looks like I have a leak somewhere inside it. Guess I am glad i bought it at a B&M store.
  18. Wow that's disappointing. Sorry to hear that Matt.
  19. I've been using my Technivorm every day for almost two years now. It makes outstanding coffee and is very well constructed. I have no issue with the few plastic parts. I ordered mine online from - Joe the owner is fantastic. He tossed in a free brew-through lid and a pound of free coffee.

    I'd recommend the model with the thermal carafe.


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