Any creams (or soaps) with scents similar to Jermyn Street?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by tempusfugit, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Like many here, I'm a fan of the TOBS Jermyn St. line. I use the cream, balm, splash, and cologne; I'll probably order the soap this week. My question: Are there any other products out there with a scent resembling Jermyn St? Jermyn St. is described as having a fougere scent, and I'm wondering how closely other fougere-scented products resemble Jermyn.
  2. I just got the Jermyn soap recently and I'm testing out now...scent is strong...if you like the Jermyn scent you will like it. I'm not sure where the fougere label came from as it does not resemble a classic fougere at all. It's more a fancy British update on a 90s "aquatic/marine" scent. A classic fougere would be something like Trumper's Wild Fern or Penhaligon's English Fern. Not even close to the same thing.

    Anyway, the Jermyn scent is fairly close to Taylor's St. James. I don't like St. James because it has a note that my nose interprets as being sickly sweet and I can't take it. Many others do not get this vibe from St. James and find it to be a nice scent. Another aquatic/marine scent you may like is Truefitt's Trafalgar. Both the St. James and the Trafalgar are available in creams and aftershaves.
  3. I remember enjoying Trafalgar when I bought the T&H sampler some months ago. I just found out that there's a store in Albuquerque (I live in New Mexico) that sells T&H creams, so maybe I'll pick up a tub.
  4. How about Veleiro shave cream? Has a similar aquatic marine scent like Jermyn St.

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