any car mechanics here?

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  1. i've been having problems with my VW Passat and I was wondering if anyone might know how to fix it?

    I recently had my pads & rotors replaced on the front/rear by Tires Plus. Normally, I wouldn't go anywhere near this type of establishment but my brakes were worn down abou 90-95% (according to 2 other auto shops that looked at my car). I pretty much had no choice getting them replaced at Tires Plus because they had a good deal (about $528) compared to other shops. Also, it was close to work and I didn't feel safe driving my car out to the auto shop in the countryside where I had previous work done.

    Anyway, after the brakes were installed my warning lights kept going off...and still do. I'll get readouts that say stuff like, "STOP, BRAKE FAULT, EBS, BRAKE." I took my car back to Tires Plus but the guy there said my car didn't have the code to clear the EBS system and that their computer was having a hard time communicating with my car. I chocked it up to them not knowing what they're doing. I'm thinking of taking my car back to the mechanic who had done previous work on my car just so he can fix the problem, but I want the Tires Plus people to fix it since I paid for it and the problem persists.

    So, does anyone have any familiarity with VW's and know how to diagnose the problem? It's getting frustrating having to hear the loud beeping noises go off everytime I drive me car. Am I correct in assuming they don't know what they're doing? what steps should they be taking to fix the problem? my brakes work fine, it's just the electronics are all wonky now and i'm at the end of my rope. Bueller?
  2. If it's like the polo's the handbook should tell you how to reset your warnings at home.... I seem to remember it being something along the lines of key in, press the mileage reset button, and hold....

  3. Doing a quick browse of the forums, it's vaguely possible that the brake fluid is down a little and thus that the float switch is triggering the warning. Take a look, or have the tire shop check the brake fluid level and top it up, as is appropriate.

    If you end up topping it up, you ought to use DOT 4 rated brake fluid. Take any and all measures to avoid spilling it on painted surfaces, as it does remove paint, in the long run.

    - Chris
  4. A lot of parts stores, including the national chains (AutoZone, Advanced, Pep Boys) have scnners available and will scan and clear codes for free. My Jeep gets codes periodically for the gas cap. I just drop by Auto Zone and they clear it for me, no charge.
  5. If it turns out that the tire store continues to be useless, your next fallback would be an independent shop that specializes in Volkswagens, Audis, etc. assuming that your VW dealer isn't unusually wonderful.
  6. Click and Clack aka the Magliozzi Bros. have a website lists good repair facilities and will sometimes answer questions. Triple A if you are a member also lists same. Nowadays especially you will remember poor service long after forgetting low price.

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