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  1. Hi, I've been wetshaving with gunk and cartidges for 15 years until last year my girlfriend (now wife) bought me a Taylors of Old Bond St starter set with a basic pure brush, almond cream and Mach 3 custom handle.
    Recently I ran out of the cream and had a trip back to London, so after reading this forum for a couple of weeks I treated myself to a lot of new toys to pave the way into proper wetshaving.
    I got Trumpers Coconut cream, Truefitt's Almond cream and Harris Arlington soap, a scuttle (I'd only tried face lathering till now) and a DE razor.
    I was told in Truefitt's that it was a Merkur but looking online I realise that it isn't. No matter as it works ok, I may post pictures of it to see if anyone can help me identify it.
    I'm currently taking it slowly with the DE till I have the technique down, at which point I'll start playing round with different combinations of cream/ blade/ technique etc.
    Really appreciate the forum, cheers.
  2. Welcome !!! and well done on the shave!
  3. Welcome.

    A forum full of fine gents (and ladies) with great tips and ideas.

    Check out Mantic59's youtube channel for some great info and techniques
  4. Welcome! Looks like you've got a great starter setup...better than mine! I started with TOBS almond too...I think that spoils you a bit. But, its a great hobby and B&B is the place to learn!
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    Youve lucked out on a wife, my friend! Hopefully she will not frown upon all the packages you have sent your way!
  6. I have indeed lucked out. She may start to notice when 2 or 3 new brushes and razors show up but she's used to me having dozens of things that most people only have one of (bottles of single malt scotch, colognes/ perfumes etc) so I think I might get away with one more...

    Thanks for the tip, I have already been through Mantic59's youtube vids, glad to know I've been on the right track.
  7. Nice soap collection. :thumbup1:
  8. Welcome to B&B, congratulations on the wife, and good job on those soaps!
  9. Welcome!

  10. Welcome! :biggrin:
  11. Welcome to B&B!
  12. Welcome to B&B.
  13. Welcome.
  14. Welcome to B&B. Seems you come armed with quite a nice arsenal already. Dive in and enjoy this wonderful community!
  15. Welcome! Great post:001_smile
  16. pal


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  18. Welcome to B&B, Enjoy!!!
  19. Welcome Aboard :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:

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