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  1. Well I was looking for a Christmas blend...but after 3 shops, I didn't find one, so in the last shop, one of my favorites...I was deciding between the Peterson Irish Oak and the SG Navy Flake...never tried either, and since no Christmas blend was to be found, I walked out with a tin of SG Navy Flake....not the run of the mill Navy...more latakia.

    Its 9:00 PM, and the temp is 18 degrees...I am out there with 2 fingers of Ezra Brooks and my large Comoy Billard stuffed full of Navy Flake...Very Nice...the flavor is full and smoothe and the Adult beverage and the smoke blend well...a very nice smoke
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    You're a brave soul, facing the weather. SG Navy Flake is a favorite of mine, I tend to buy it buy the pound when I can.:thumbup1:
  4. Fleece Jacket, some warm sweat pants and its not too bad...I run hot the time I was at the bottom of the bowl, the bourbon was gone and I was chilled enough to come back to the warmth of the house.

    I don't smoke in the house, so its the porch or not at all...and I had to try this blend...

    I am still very partial to the Blockade Runner from C&D and Mac B's Navy Flake, but the SG version is wonderful and will most likely replace the PlumbCake in my rotation.
  5. Well played!

    You know, I have been curious, living in eastern Ohio as I do, if I need to worry about my pipes cracking while I smoke out in the cold. I don't mind bundling up, I would just prefer not to have a pipe break. I see that you are out in rather cold weather, no ill effects to your pipes at all?


  6. How does the SG compare to MacB's version? I seem to remember MacBaren's NF biting a bit, but if the SG has some Latakia it might make it a nicer smoke.
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    The SG is a richer rounder smoke - the rum, (and it's rum not rum flavor), mellows it while adding to the richness of the smoke as well. The latakia is used as a condiment and has a subtle influence.
  8. Couldn't have said it better. The Mac Bs hasn't been a biter for me...but it is a slow and leasurly smoke...If I were to get it hot, it might bite me.

    As to the pipe in the cold...I havn't had any problems...but the pipe is warm in the house (Room Temp), then I light it once outside, then I dump the ash and take it back into the house. There have been no issues.
  9. Ive never suffered any Ill from smoking a briar or cob in about 10-15 degree weather. Just don't try that with a meerschaum, as that will crack it. I don't know about clay pipes.
  10. No worries there, but thanks for the tip!

  11. I don't have a Meer......YET:001_rolle....But I thank you for the info...when I find the one I want...I will keep it as a fair weather pipe
  12. Might I also suggest Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake and Luxury Twist Flake? Two excellent blends definitely worth trying.
  13. How would you compare those to MacBaren Navy Flake? I like the MB so long as I dry it well.
  14. MB's primarily a honeyed burley. The Stokkebye luxury navy is primarily bright Virginia with some perique, nicely blended and pressed. It's more sweet, citrus, and spicy than the MacBaren (which I also enjoy), with a touch of molasses. The twist flake is an interesting cut - a thick twist of Virginia and lightly aromatic cavendish pressed square and sliced. Flavorwise, it's closer to MBNF than the luxury navy, but again with more Virginia than burley flavors.
  15. Thanks for the review. This has definitely made the list of tobacco I need to try. I already like his Deluxe Bullseye Flake.

    The SG is also on it, just harder to find these days.
  16. I'm a big fan of Stokkebye's Navy Flake...

    For those who haven't tried it, Gawith & Hoggarth's "Bob's Chocolate Flake" is a very good blend with just a touch of latakia to make it interesting.
  17. Be forewarned - if you have not tried any of the perfumed Lakeland tobaccos, BCF can be a little "soapy" along with the chocolate and Latakia. Not saying that's a bad thing, but it's good to be forewarned. It's a very different style compared to the usual aromatics, and I hated it when I first tried it, but really love those flavors/aromas now.
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    I've heard that often enough to believe that some are experiencing it, but I never have. I'm beginning to suspect that it occurs when retailers are storing the bulk version in too near a proximity to the more floral Lakeland tobaccos. Now if your getting that from the tinned version I would be surprised. However I do enjoy some of the really floral Lakelands so maybe I'm desensitized to it.
  19. I can honestly say that I've gotten the Lakeland notes from BCF. It only seems to happen when I pack it too moist though. If I allow it to dry out to my personal preference I don't seem to get it.

    I don't mind it that much actually. It reminds me of dryer sheets.
  20. I prefer the Gawith Hogarth bulk flakes, even more floral than the SG, but with good results. Ennerdale Flake is one of my favorites, along with Conniston Plug.

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