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  1. seems to be a few on here, been shaving with de razors for about two months if i don't count my first shaving experiences with my grand fathers razor at age 15. Those were the days when a man only had one razor, and going by the state of my face way back then, only one blade as well, ha ha. gotta say, i have not enjoyed shaving ever really, now, shaving every other day and lovin every minute. very happy wife too, have learnt so much in the last two months from forums. Just one question, is there a support group for RAD? or is it too late for me already. One face, many razors already.
  2. its to late, and welcome to B&B
  3. Welcome to B&B !!
  4. Kia Ora,
    There are loads of us around.
    Surprising how many come out of the woodwork to welcome the others.
  5. Embrace the ADs until they (never) die down :lol:

    Welcome to the forums!
  6. Welcome to B&B, lewd!:thumbup1:
  7. Marco

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  8. Hello and welcome to B&B, Good to see another kiwi joining the ranks.
  9. Welcome Aboard!
  10. Welcome to B&B!

    I'll get back to you about the group once I finish counting my aftershaves.
  11. Welcome from the South Island :)

    Whats ya setup ?
  12. Too late and welcome!
  13. Welcome to B&B !!
  14. Welcome and and enjoy!
  15. luck was with me with my first razor, edwin jagger DE89l, this is what i compare every other razor against, and nothing else has been as good for me so far, astra blades, cella soap, still seeking a dead badger but there's not many (if any) on the roads over here. might have to try a possum tail. sorry y'all...... kiwi joke.
  16. hey wow, thanks everyone for the welcome, before today i was lewd the lurker, not the best look, so i thought i had better say something.
  17. Welcome to B&B antipodean.
  18. welcome lewd. I am afraid there is no help here for any of the AD's.
    I am from Wellington, where in NZ are you.
  19. just over the hill, 10 min out of Martinborough.

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