Another ID Question (Aristocrat?)

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by jlander, May 7, 2007.

  1. jlander

    jlander Moderator Emeritus

    I added this note to my BBS thread here, then thought maybe noone would see it, so I am duplicating it here.

    I am trying to ID this razor. I think maybe an Aristocrat but I do not have it in hand yet to look for date code.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. That is the British Aristocrat from the auction I had my eyes on over the weekend. You did very well with that pickup.

  3. jlander

    jlander Moderator Emeritus


    My RAD is bordering on obsessive now.

    I paid too much for it, but "It's shiny, and it sparkles!" :biggrin:

    He did not have it ID'd as an Aristocrat, but I thought it was, now I'm trying to figure out which one. I hope the condition turns out as good as it looks in the pictures.
  4. Hi, that is indeed a British Aristocrat... it is the much loved #66 model.
  5. jlander

    jlander Moderator Emeritus

    Thank you very much. Music to my ears.


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