Another first straight shave down

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by Citizen D, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. A beautiful and sunny Sunday morning here in Melbourne, long warm shower and then my first straight razor shave as the smell of Tabac filled the bathroom.

    I love weekends.

    No nicks either though I did have to finish with a disposable razor to get a smooth enough result (I skipped the DE step in my transition). The left side of my face was a shambles as I am heavily right handed and really struggled with the razor in the left hand. Practice, practice, practice I guess.

    Otherwise an enjoyable start.
  2. Congrats! I love the avatar too. Yea, its just practice.
  3. Great job, D! It only gets better, so keep at it.

  4. Good for you,im sure youll have it better with each try
  5. Thanks for the encouragement.

    And to all those getting DIScouraged, I'm only three straight razor shaves in now and already I've noticed improvement in the shave, my technique, and even the time it takes. Still tidying up with a disposable but getting to most of the face now, with a fair bit of it near BBS after two passes. Even the left handedness is coming along. No nicks last night, just a few weepers from the closer shave I am getting.

    Total time - less than a week. So to all those frustrated new straight shavers or those thinking about taking it up - if you take your time each shave, don't try it when you are getting hassled to get out of the bathroom or are late for something, you will enjoy it, and you will start seeing improvements quicker than you think.
  6. jlander

    jlander Moderator Emeritus

    Welcome to the club! It just keeps getting better. I no longer even think about it when I change hands. It is now just as natural to use my left as my right. In fact, it feels awkward if I don't switch hands now. :smile:
  7. I might have to try that soon. I feel like a pretzel using my right hand for the whole face, but at the same time I don't feel I have the muscle control with my left hand/arm and I'll cut my face off :shaving:
  8. Citizen D

    Welcome to what I like to think of as our very own "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".

    Best Regards

  9. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    D - nice start! I practiced by brushing my teeth with my opposite hand for a few months before straight razor shaving. Turns out it helped a lot! :biggrin:
  10. I like that a lot Limey and will start as of today.
  11. Congratulations! I'm a few months behind you - I'm waiting for the B&B Le Grelot for my first Straight shave. Found your thread inspiring and gives me something to look forward to... thanks.



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