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  1. Do any of you know of a cologne or aftershave with Anise in it. I've found "Black Ice Shave Cream" by the Gentlemen's Refinery, but that is a shave cream and I use soap.
  2. I've always thought Alt-Innsbruk AS/Cologne's "tobacco flower" has an anise or tarragon note, which I enjoy. Not to mention its fantastic healing properties and menthol kick!
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    Lolita Lempicka Masculine (sp?) is absolutely loaded with anise. Great and unusual/original scent. Highly recommended, but sample first. Is it anise that tests high with women as being something attractive to them?

    The B&B QED cologne seems to me to have an anise note in it, under all of that pine. Not 100% sure. It may be just part of the pine accord.

    I agree that Alt-Innsbruk AS seems to have an anise note. I am trying to remember whether Speick does. Going by memory, I would say that Tabac, probably especially the edt which most like less than the edc has some anise.

    Probably an underused accord. I sometimes use a, what is it, "King of Shaving" shave gel that comes is a tube under a regular lather that claims to be unscented but is very anise in aroma to me. A really, really nice anise.
  4. I came into this thread to plug Lolita Lempicka au Masculin. Absolutely GREAT juice. Has a lot of anise and fair amount of vanilla.

    By the way, anise is the scent that psychological studies have shown is the best aphrodisiac for women; so it goes beyond "attractive" and veers toward "primal.":001_smile
  5. Hmm, noted. :blush:
  6. Azzaro Pour Homme, Rive Gauche Pour Homme, & Opium Pour Homme edt.
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  7. My first thought was Lolita. For some reason I think of Body Kouros too.

    check and search for the anise note... (see here)

    a few that come up are :

    Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro (1978)
    Brut by Fabergé (1964)
    Eau de Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene (1996)
    Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel (2007)
    Havana by Aramis (1994)
    Number 3 / Le 3me Homme / The Third Man by Caron (1985)
    Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent (1995)
    Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent (2003)
    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka (2000)
    Michael for Men by Michael Kors (2001)
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  8. Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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    I would have to smell some of these to see what I think of them anise-wise.

    I guess that is right about the Azzaro, I think of Azarro as being lavender, but my recollection is that it has a lot of anise. Brut, maybe some anise in there, but not really a major note. I do not know Eau de Grey Flannel as opposed to regular Grey Flannel. I thought Eau de Grey Flannel was supposed to be metalic.

    I do not know Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel.

    Havana by Aramis, maybe there is anise in there but it is very long way from being an anise dominated scent.

    The Third Man by Caron, I love this stuff, but I am having trouble remembering exactly what it smells like. I sense that it does have considerable anise.

    I just got some Opium for men, actually. I will write back if I change may mind, but I thought Opium was rather oriental which means it coudl have some anise.

    I should but do not really know Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent.

    Michael for Men by Michael Kors, I have some "Michael Kors" which is a bit different than Michael. It makes sense to me that Michael would have some anise.

    I doubt that any of these hold a candle to Lolita Lempicka when it comes to being dominated by anise, unless 3d Man is, or I suppose Fuel for Life. Azarro has anise. I am having trouble remembering how dominate that note is in it.

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  10. Eau du Badian by L'Occitane has a strong anise note. I'm no cologne connoisseur, but I really enjoy it. It is very natural and not at all overbearing - I usually wear it in the summer.
  11. it's weird, I'm reading all over the place that Azzaro pour Homme has anise, but can't for the life of me smell it in there.

    weird. must be parosmia!

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    Very cute!

    I will really have to smell Azarro when I get home. Azarro is a powerhouse of all sorts of scents, but in my mind's "eye" so to speak lavender really dominates. But I have the sense that anise is definitely in the there and distinguishable. For some reason I would not have lined up Lolita and Azarro though. I am sure the fault in mine.
  13. Avon's Wild Country has Anise.
  14. Not anise per se but close enough. Supposedly, a smell akin to Good & Plenty candy was the most arousing to women if you're referencing that same article I've seen.

    Lolita Lempick Au Masculine has the most prominent anise/licorice smell I've run into. You can't miss it.

    Many other scents contain a "dose" of anise but it's more sublte.

    If OP is looking to lure women, I'd say sample Lempicka- it's pretty potent stuff. Body Kouros and L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme also have some anise that's present, but not dominating. Both are first rate for dating imo.
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    StylinLA is dead on. I tried the Azarro when I got home. I adore this scent. It really is lavender and anise, but those notes marry perfectly. I actually put Azarro on the back of one hand and a pure lavender (SCS) on the other. It helped bring out the difference between pure lavender and the Azarro.

    If you do not consider this over-used where you are, I think this is a good date edt, too. Very assertive though.
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    I also tried 3d Man. I do not get tons of anise. Maybe a bit but nothing dominant at all. Nice darn scent though!
  17. I think Azzaro is a pretty good candidate. There’s pretty clearly something anise like in that opening, I know because I don’t really like it.
    As for grey flannel, it’s probably more of a lavender or violet or something but I don’t know it that well.
    Fuel for life is some sort of raspberry but there’s also clearly a strong anise note in there. IMO though it’s a much younger fruity short lived frag. Something I’d wear to a nightclub if I were 18-20 years old, whereas azzaro is the adult version of that note.
    Opium is one of my favorites. I fell in love right away and was surprised later to find it had that anise note.
    It’s probably somewhere in Rive Gauche but I don’t really focus on it.
    If I’m thinking of the right one, the juice is a dark yellow and has a square bottle? I remember it being some sort of spicey dried fruity leather frag.

    So overall, really Lolita and Azzaro IMO are the strongest anise ones with Body Kouros and Fuel For Life also up there.
  18. has anise ss, sc, edt, & splash in their store brand.

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