an aggressive vintage Gillette?

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  1. I'm wondering if Gillette made any "aggressive" non-adjustable razors. I've got a pre-war Tech and 49 and 61 Superspeeds, all pretty mild. Is there anything out there that is easy to find and won't cost an arm or leg?
  2. An Old Type or a New. Old Types are usually inexpensive if they don't come in a nice set. News ought to be dirt cheap in an antique store, and not much more expensive than that if you buy them online with a case and/or paraphernalia.

    There's a whole philosophical argument to be had here about whether the Old and the New are truly aggressive, or merely more efficient than safety bar razors. The upshot is that these are both more aggressive and, in my experience, WAY more efficient than any Tech or Super Speed you'll ever meet.
  3. +1. I never really had a good shave till I started using OC's. I've got my opinions why, but they are just that, and I won't get into them.
  4. I love both my NEWs and Old Type. I would not call the shaves aggressive, just efficient. I can always get a BBS with two passes and some light buffing, but YMMV.
  5. Red tip super speed is somewhat aggressive.
  6. Ranger Tech, early Milords, and the Rocket models are the most aggressive fixed-head solid guard-bar Gillettes, IME.

    Pretty much any Gillette OC will be more aggressive than what you have in hand. Sheraton, Senator, '30s Aristocrat, Old Type, NEW long-comb and New Improved are all sporting a respectable blade exposure, and most throw in decent blade gap as well.
  7. I find my Old OC to be a very expeditious shaver, though not excessively aggressive. Quite manageable with most blades. I think I paid 50 cents for my very brassy one with one tooth broken off.
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    I find my single rings to be quite aggressive. Possibly too much for me.

    They are easy enough to find, and it is cool shaving with a 100 year old razor.

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