An Abundance of Silvertips

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by mmp13, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Well I got my silvertips in the other day. It was much anticipated but they are finally here fresh from a badger in China.

    The first picture is my portion of the order (I went in with another guy). 21 heads in total one of them being "extra special".

    The second picture is of the heads. The line up from left to right. 25 mm knot silvertip (10 total), 30 mm knot silvertip (10 total), 28 mm knot special. The third one is a sample, 1 of 100 that my partner was able to procure through a friend. There were 100 samples made of the 28 mm knot and 100 of a 22 mm knot. The 22 mm were kept by the original owner and my partner purchased the 100 28 mm knot heads from him. They are special because they are overstuffed. They were speced out and ordered from a manufacturer in China specifically for this guy. He had to agree to purchase 1500 of the preffered head to get this special order.

    I will start production (in my small basement woodshop) soon. I am now waiting for my order of special wood (stabalized to withstand water) to come in. Probably wouldn't get much done this weekend anyway since there is a woodworking show in town that I am going to attend.

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    Very nice Matt, keep posting the process!
  3. :eek: :eek: :eek: :w00t:

    You're in Buffalo! I may have to bribe you with toiletries to let me visit!
  4. Yes, West Seneca to be exact. I am guessing that you are familiar with the area.

    Now the real question, why would you want to visit? Not that Bufalo is a bad city, I love it but Buffalo gets a bad rap especially with the approaching winter.
  5. Trust me, I wouldn't be visiting for the wonders of Buffalo. :rolleyes: Seeing a brush made, however, would be most interesting. :w00t:

    I grew up in the southern tier, and now I live in Rochester. I still work in Buffalo. Williamsville, to be precise, and yes, the drive sucks. Heck, I like the winters here, but this will be my first one in which I have to drive so far.
  6. Jim

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    This photo reminds me of the Star Track episode ''The Trouble with Tribbles"" (Yes the Old Old Star Track):biggrin:
  7. I am not familiar with this "Star Track" program of which you speak. Do explain.... :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    BTW those are some mad brush heads. Enjoy!
  8. Ahhh....That makes much more sense. That never crossed my mind that it would be interesting to see a brush made since the most interesting part of the brush being made would be turning the handle. While turning is fun for the person turning it may not be for a spectator.

    Wow, interesting how it seems were are in the same position. I live in West Seneca and work in Olean. I think the drive is about the same except for the tolls you pay and I use Rt 16 which as I am sure you know is two lane. This is the first winter that I will be making the drive this far as well.
  9. Turning the handle makes a thing of beauty! I don't have much woodworking equipment myself, but I grew up watching my dad make some great items.

    Ahh, lovely Olean. :biggrin: That'll be a fun drive. More exciting than my lovely I90, anyway. :rolleyes: Yeah, I know the road - I went to school out that way for a bit, all year round. It never got too bad in winter.

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