American made SE razor listing?

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  1. I was wondering if there was a listing somewhere that I could reference as to all the SE razors that were made by US manufacturers. It doesn't have to list every individual razor made, but just the actual manufacturers who produced SE razors.
    (Also it would be great if there was a listing that had them by country, but right now I am only interested in US made SE razors.)

    The only American manufacturers I can think of on the top of my head are:
    ASR - GEM, Ever-Ready, & Star
    Valet (Auto-strop)
    Keen Kutter

    Also, I would note that I did not put any of the injectors on the list, like Schick. To me, they are just too close to the cartridge razors. (I mean no disrespect to those who use, enjoy, and cherish their injectors. It is just not something for me.)
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  2. Yankee Manufacturing Co. was a forerunner to ASR. They were only in existence as a separate company for about 3 years, although the Yankee brand razors were made for many years after that.
  3. Thanks! I totally forgot about Yankee razors.
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    Durham Duplex of New York And Zinn of NY:wink2:
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    Here are few from Waits starting with W's: There atleast 100's more

    Young Safety razor co
    . Philadelphia PA 1912 ...2 types of SE's made Patent# 973734,25 Oct 1910/Elmer Young

    Weck of NY, [ Ed Weck and Sons] 1920 makers of New Weck SE razor

    Wilbert razor of NJ, made SE's for Sears. 1904. Pat# 749751

    Winchester/Richard & Schueber manufacturing of NY 1903/ made many brands of SE's

    Wiss [ Wiss and sons of NJ/1848 pat appld for] 1921 makers of SE's

    Witch by Crescent Manufacturing co. Ohio.
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  6. Thank you Alex!
    Were all of them actually produced, or just patents? (Sorry, I am not familiar with Waits. I'm assuming it's a listing of razors?)
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    Listing of the makers of the razor and some patents.

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