American Eagle Surrey Shaving Mug & Soap - CONUS + International

Discussion in 'The Badger & Blade Marketplace' started by gaj90027, May 10, 2010.

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  2. jkh


    This would be a sweet companion item for the B&B group buy Simpson Eagle brush

    Or in the true spirit of B&B why don't you buy this mug/soap and then head over WCS and purchase the brush :tongue_sm
  3. I'll take it if available!
  4. Didn't receive your PM so I will send you a PM.
  5. funds sent! :) Thanks!
  6. Sold - thanks Chris and thanks B&B!
  7. Done!!!!!!:thumbup1::thumbup1:
  8. jkh


    Did you buy the mug or the brush first? :lol:
  9. Mug first...AND thanks for the reminder on the brush! I was going to buy one anyway!!! Should make a nice set for sure:thumbup1: When all the pieces are in place I will post pics!!!!:thumbup:

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