Alum Block and Acne

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  1. Well hey there everybody just a quick little question.

    I have heard wonders about using a alum block after you shave to seal off any cuts you got, treat ingrowns, etc.. However I have also heard that it is good for those with acne because it kills the bacteria that produce those dreaded "bumps". I have acne and it's kind of difficult shaving with it because a lot of times the razor gets caught on one of the bumps and slices it off......producing a nasty mess of "fluids"

    So my question to you guys is, is an alum block good as an acne treatment? Or will it just prevent them from appearing?
  2. Yeah the Alum will kill the bacteria sitting on the surface however it probably will not get rid of acne, I use my alum block as a deodorant and it works great for two days straight. That is my only experience though others here will have definitely have more answers than I do.
  3. .... and is used in the treatment of Canker sores, could not find a specific reference to Acne, but it does kill bacteria, so I would test it for ~3 weeks. You might want to take some pictures of your acne to accurately check the results.

    BTW soap residue left behind after washing/ rinsing can contribute to your problem and Alum can help with that.

    I use Alum after every shave as an indicator of where my facial trouble areas are, and where technique needs to improve. The most sting you have is an indication of poor angle or too much pressure, a slight tingling sensation = a COMFORTABLE SHAVE.

    I also use it as a deodorant and apply it every 2nd day, + no stains on your shirts, New products AREN'T always the BEST product.

  4. Wow great responses guys. I will give the alum block a try, and not just for the acne! They seem to be pretty expensive though, the cheapest one I've found so far is this one form amazon. I've seen others get some for around $2.50 but is it some sort deodorant they get? Where can I get some that cheap?!
  5. Personally grabbed the Thai Crystal Mini Stick.


    You can get it on Amazon currently for $2 something plus shipping . Its very similar to the Razorock (which I suspect is a private labeled version of this)

    If you are buying a deodorant stone be sure that it is marked as potassium vs. ammonium alum. The Thai Crystal brand meets these specs.
  6. if you look at the price of AOS alum as an example, you could buy ~4 or 5 from the vendor you listed. That is the vendor I purchased mine from, it comes in two pieces (2oz each block) and is the same chemical composition for use as a deodorant.

    Since October I have used it everyday after shaving, and every 2nd day as a deodorant it will last 2 days and doesn't stain, and my 1st Alum block hasn't shrunk noticeably.
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  7. If I were to buy one in deodorant stick form how will I go about applying it to my face? Would I just wet it like an alum bar and apply it to face, wait a few minutes, then wash it off. Or is all that not necessary?
  8. I wet my Alum with cold water, rub on my face and rinse & store my equipment, clean the sink in ~5-6 minutes, then remove the Alum using cold water only. Apply your favorite ASB and Fragrance, you'll notice the change ~1 or 2 weeks. Occasionally, ~1 or 2 times per week, I don't rinse off the alum NBD (No Big Deal) and apply my ASB + Fragrance.

    The Alum is an astringent that kills bacteria and will grade your shave by the intensity of the tingle or sting, more intense= poor blade angle/ pressure. This is a great way to identify where skill level needs more attention.
  9. Alrighty then thanks mftoms59! I ended up ordering the bar I showed you before. I used up the last bit of my gift certificate balance and the order came up to a bit less the 5 bucks. :thumbup1:
  10. I started using the Alum block after the shaves and my acne has completely clear up from what it was. I am not sure whether it was just the alum block or the fact that my skin is reacting better to the shave creams or when I use the brush it is gently exfoliating the skin. Either way wet shaving has helped drastically :thumbup:
  11. p0ff3r,
    When using the alum block, were you leaving it on the face or rinsing it off afterwards?

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