Altitude and Lather

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  1. This question is for persons who reside or spend time at altitudes higher than 6000 ft ASL. Does anyone do anything differently when making a lather such as more or less water, hotter water, cooler water, etc.? I have a second home which is located at 7300 ft ASL and noticed the lather just isn't the same as my primary residence which is 900 ft ASL. It seemed to have quite a bit of air bubbles in it.
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    I do not know about altitude but the water has something to do with it (hard vs soft water).
  3. I live at an altitude of about 5,700ft. I don't see a difference in lather but I have super hard water. I use more product and soak my brushes with a little vinegar about once a month. Boiling and cooking things....that's another story.
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  4. Im in Spaceland but get good lather
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    I've never heard of anyone having lather making issues due to altitute. Maybe it's a problem related to the quality and hardness of the water?
  6. Unless lather making relied on the water being boiling, I don't think altitude would have much to do with it.

    At first glance I thought this thread was "Attitude and Lather".

    Maybe your water has a lot of dissolved CO2 in it? There are natural sources of that, right? I'm no geologist, but I play one on TV.
  7. Wow, what a very interesting question. i have never heard this being asked before. i would guess it was the hardness of the water, but, as always, YMMV. Good luck.
  8. This would be an interesting experiment. Take one soap that you KNOW how to lather and either take a bottle of that water to your new home and try to lather it. Regardless of what type of water you use store bought or home tap make sure it's the same. This is also true of the soap& brush. Let us know!
  9. Good idea. I will try that. Also, the water hardness makes sense too.
  10. I live above a mile and have hard water..never had any problems. I just don't have a set amount of water or cream/soap.

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