Alternatives to witch hazel?

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  1. So I am just getting started (and still working on just making a proper lather) but one thing I have found out is I really really don't care for the scent of witch hazel. Other then an alum block are there any suggestions/alternatives for an astringent to use?
  2. Not an exact answer to your question (aside from WH and alum bars, I know of no other astringent for after your shave), BUT... doesn't Thayer's make many WH-ish products, some scented (rose, cucumber, etc.) and some unscented, that might fit the bill? ...That is, if it's simply the scent of Dickinson's or generic WH that's the problem for you.

    Also, many mid- to upper-range aftershaves contain WH and/or alum (Speick comes to mind here...), so that might be another way for you to go. Happy shaving!
  3. I know what you mean. I threw out a perfectly good bottle of witch hazel because I thought it had gone bad. :lol:

    Thayer's website has a sample pack of all their different scents. I'm temptedto give it a try, even though I don't use WH currently.
  4. Yep. Thayer's is the answer.

    Although I have to say that although I originally thought regular witch hazel stank, over time I have come to tolerate the scent quite well. I've gotten used to it.
  5. I don't find the scent that bad. Isn't Thayers alcohol-free? I like the mild antiseptic qualities of the "regular" witch hazel that has some alcohol in it.

    I think the simplest alternative would be using any aftershave which has some alcohol.
  6. I gave up using the hazel not because of the scent, but because my aftershaves were doing the same job.
  7. Why not just use it? In a week or two, you will no longer notice the scent. I actually love it now.
  8. I just throw a shot of cheap aftershave into a bottle of witch hazel and all is well
  9. Me too. And it's cheap and a half litre bottle lasts for ages. I never had a problem with the scent - and luckily neither did my wife. I actually wipe my face with it every night before going to bed. Works great on my combination skin.
  10. Thayers lavender.
  11. ackvil

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    Thayers has every possible scent you may want, as well as scent free, and with or w/o alcohol. I like rose petal - very mild smell.
  12. +1
  13. What they're saying is not to clean the inside of a gaping, open wound with alcohol.

    If your shave leaves you in the kind of shape that should not be treated with alcohol, then (as they say on teh interwebs) "you're doing it wrong.":blink::lol:
  14. Do you think your skin is intact after a shave? I don't think so (that's why alchool stings, isn't it).
  15. My face does not sting using aftershaves with alcohol. I shave the whiskers off of my skin, not scrape them.
  16. Neither does mine. However, since I don't think my skin is intact after a shave, I seldom use alchool-based aftershaves, and prefer other antiseptics.

    Happy shaving ;-)
  17. Happy shaving indeed :thumbup:

  18. "Intact" isn't the same thing as "gaping wound".:blink:
    Generations of men have used alcohol-based aftershaves, and lived to tell about it, I wouldn't stress too hard.
  19. The alcohol of witch hazel doesn't cause much stinging for me. I've even tried pure alcohol for the heck of it and could bear it (dries the skin unnecessarily though).

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