Aloe Vera For Razor Burn?

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  1. I have been wetshaving for about 6 months and continue to experience razor burn/razor bumps, mainly on my lower neck area. Has anyone tried aloe vera gel to provide relief? If so, I would be curious to know how it worked. Thanks!
  2. Aloe Vera gel is without doubt, one of my favourite products. I used to suffer terribly from razor burn and ingrown hairs. After experimenting, I would almost always get irritation. I started using a natural exfoliating scrub the night before a shave, and used aloe vera gel as a face pack before bed. This has improved my skin immensely! I also use it as an after shave balm with added tea tree oil. Superb stuff. Cannot fault it. I have also tried using it as a shaving gel, and experienced slick, smooth shaves every time. When you consider how cheap it is compared to other "shave specific" products, it's well worth having a tube in the bathroom.:001_smile
  3. I feel like I've tried everything from Witch Hazel to specific products made for razor burn and nothing does the trick. While some of these products have reduced the burn and redness that comes along with it, nothing has completely eliminated it. Do you believe this will help to the point of eliminating the redness? Any other tricks or advice would be appreciated.
  4. seriously, I probably have the most sensitive skin n the planet, and didn't shave for nearly 20 years on account of it. I've tried probably every sensitive skin product and ingrown hair treatment out there, and none comes close for iliminating razor burn in my experience. It's cheap enough to try at least once. Try using it at night after a shower or facial scrub. Works wonders!
  5. The thing with Jason products is that while stating how natural they are, some of them contain both Methl and Propyl parabens, which kinda fly in the face of something claiming to be a "natural" product. Parabens should really be avoided by someone with a skin irritation problem.
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    What type of prep, soap,cream,razor, and blades are you using? How many passes and in which directions? All of theses areas if not handled well could contribute to the dreaded B&B(burn and bumps!).

    Fill us in so that we can provide some meaningful assistance.

  7. sunburn and razor burn feel similar so im willing to bet both mean skin damage. so i adjust my technique try to avoid razor burn. that usually means only 1 WTG and 1 mild XTG pass.. with pretty good results in terms of closeness, particularly above the jawline. as i try different blades and creams, over time with practice im sure that will improve.
  8. I exfoliate in the shower before the shave. After my shower, I make sure my face is completely hydrated with warm water. I've been using Proraso along with the Futur razor and Derby blades. I do one pass north to south, then another against the grain on the cheeks. I try to keep away from against the grain on the neck as I know this will cause more irritation. It could have something to do with my technique but I am extremely careful on my neck area, so I'm not totally convinced this is the case.
  9. Edwin Jagger has an Aloe Vera based shaving cream. I've used a sample, it's decent stuff.
  10. I've never tried aloe vera for razor burn but I know that Proraso's Pre/Post Balm works wonders.
  11. If your skin is really sensitive, you might want to not exfoliate directly prior to shaving. When I do that, I really have a problem. Try the night before. :001_smile

  12. This is great information. I have applied this but maybe it's the razor I am using? As I said before, I am using the Merkur Futur. Is it possible this isn't the best for beginners? I feel like the weight is substantial and is doing all the cutting. I suppose it's possible my angle is wrong on the neck. Is it more difficult to get the correct angle on the neck than other parts of the face?
  13. I would recommend you try an old adjustable Gillette (check out EBAY). This would allow you to get a more "customized" shave.
    Do you suppose what you're experiencing is partly an allergic reaction. If so, you might also want to try making your own AS. There are lots of posts around that give some ideas. My personal thinking is 1) get your hands on some pure aloe vera, pure witch hazel, EVOO, a few EOs; 2) make sure your not allergic to any of them by testing them individually first on the bottom of your hand then various parts of your face; 3) combine the ones that don't bother you into a customized AS (you can make more of a balm by using more aloe or more of a splash by using more witch-hazel).
    It could also be an allergic reaction to whatever pre-shave/soap/cream you're using. Experiment until you finds products that don't bother again. Btw, I also make my own pre-shave.
  14. I have been experimenting with different creams. In particular I've been using Musgo Real and Proraso. The few times I've used Musgo, there has been a tad more irritation. I guess this is not good for sensitive skin? Something I've noticed every so often are pimple-like bumps on my neck a few days after shaving. My guess is these are ingrown hairs, however I was told they are very painful and these are not.
  15. For me Aloe vera gel is very efficient to stop razor burn, it start just a few seconds after you put it on your skin.
  16. for members living in israel, Dr Fisher brand Aftersun aloe vera cream is excelent, its an aloe vera cream with witch hazel, im almost out, but i try to get some every time i go visit my brother,

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