Aligning a Blade to the Slant Merkur 37c

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  1. I have read the post that everyone refers too... but for the life of me I just cant get it aligned right. Is there a fools proof way of aligning the blade with the Slant? I must have got lucky the first two blades in it (even though it didn't look aligned)... this time... it was a blood bath! :lol:
  2. The edges need to be lined up on the cap not the bar. The easiest way I find is to load the blade onto the cap then squeeze the two sides of the blade (non cutting edge) and cap between second finger and thumb and screw in the handle unit. The short sides on the blade must be parallel to the cap.
    After you have done it a few times, it becomes second nature. The cutting edges follow the slant bar so the exposure varies along the bar.
  3. The most foolproof way (and the one advocated by Merkur) is to put a thin towel down on the counter top. Then place the top cap down on the towel upside down so that you can load the blade in. Then put the bottom part with the handle over top and while it is still upside down turn the base of the handle to tighten the top to the base. Invicta is right in that the blade should align to the top cap, not the base but I never have to squeeze or hold the two sides of the blade when I use this method. Aligns perfectly each and every time without fail.

    If you are still getting a blood bath then watch your pressure (use none) and watch your angles. Make sure you have a good lather. I find the slant to be one of the razors that cut me the least.
  4. Everytime I turn the cap with the posts pointing upwards, load the blade, insert handle, screw, and finally turn the razor, I get an aligned blade. Everytime I did this the blade was aligned.
    My 37C had more blade exposure in one the sides, it was little but it was there. Who share the same casting?
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    If you're using the standard cap reference method to align it, the blades very likely aligned. I'm thinking that it's probably just unsettled technique with the 37c at work here. Note, when you look at the razor from the shave side, you will see a difference in the guard/blade gap from left to right along the slant. This is normal.
  6. Thanks guys for the advice. This is what I am trying to understand. I place the top cap down upside down. Drop the blade in, onto the two little posts. However... the blade still wiggles within those two posts, so how do I know I dropped the blade properly into place? I then get the base, and put it over the thread of the head and tighten... I feel that this method still isn't perfect, as the first step is not consistant and the blade can wiggle around when initially placed with the head upside down.
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    Yeah you just have to eye ball the fine alignment. Honestly though, it really doesn't make any difference in the shave, in my experience with the 37/39C. I'm thinking you just had one of those unlucky shave days that happen every once in a while. I'd keep at it and see how it does in the longer term.

  8. Thanks everyone. I think I got it... Playing with the top just now and doing the method recommended by Mekur wasn't working for me because I found that the head isn't even level, (hahaha gotta love slants!).. so part of the blade is standing off the head. So what I did was with my two finger hold the ends and the head together, compress the blade against the head with my other hand so I can see how its aligning when compressed against the head. Then I turn the top of head towards me, and make the blade parallel to head. Once parallel, I release the compression with my other hand while still holding on to the blade on the ends.I then grab the base with my loose hand while keeping to fingers on the ends with the other, and then screw the base in. You can keep your fingers holding the ends of the blade till it stops tightening, the head won't pinch you as I was concerned about that. It Looks good. Hope that helps someone out. Cheers!

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