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  1. Hi all,

    Im fairly new to DE shaving (started approximately 5 months ago). I currently use an Edwin Jagger Classic. I have a very thick beard that grows quickly (one of those guys who needs to shave twice a day to keep it smooth). I am also one of those guys who can't believe they didn't try DE shaving sooner (forget the Mach 9 or whatever they are at now....). I am looking for a more aggressive shave and would like some advice on what to buy.

    I have read the BB wiki:


    I am leaning towards the Futur but am wondering what else is out there that will give a comparable close shave.

    Also if any members have a Futur for sale I would be very interested in purchasing. Feel free to PM me with anything you might have for sale.

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    If you want an aggressive razor consider the Muhle R. 41. Other aggressive razors: Joris, GEM Micromatic OC. I have used both the Muhle R. 41 and the Micromatic OC and can definitely state they are both aggressive with the R. 41 leading. I have never tried the Joris but have heard this one also is aggressive.
  3. Another possible choice is a slant bar razor (Merkur models 37 and 39 are the only new ones, there are plenty of used ones still floating around). For me, it combines great beard reduction with almost mystical comfort. I find that using a slant I get as close a shave as usual with one less pass. YMMV and all the usual caveats...
  4. +1. I don't think a razor can get more aggressive than the R41. I have one and I love it.
  5. R41 (new one), Gillette adjustable opened up all the way, or Futur should do the trick.
  6. The barbasol is also one that can chomp the heavier hair away.


    But the king of them all has to be the amazing R41

  7. KM, does the orig Mastiff stand up on it's own?
  8. They all do, the regular end and the flared end.
  9. Have you looked into single edge razors?
    The open comb micromatic comes to mind as an aggressive SE that is easy to find and cheap.
  10. The Gillette New OC is on the aggressive side, as well as the Red Tip Super Speed, if you are looking for vintage razors.
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    How about the Parker 94R...most agrresive razor I own.
  12. my Merkur 12C HD Long Handle Open Tooth is very aggressive

  13. Cool reflection in the heads of the 41s.
  14. Can someone explain how the open comb makes the razor more aggressive. I am sure it is a simple question but would like some clairification. The slant bar I under stand, but not exactly sure on the open comb etc.
  15. I have fast and heavy the time 5 o'clock comes around the beard is growing again. I would have to recommend the SE razors. I haven't tried too many but the combo that leaves my face smooth for 20+ hours is a Valet Autostrop and Feather (SE) blade combo. I don't know what it is, but this works best for me if I want long lasting shaves.
  16. To see whether aggressive DE razors are for you, I suggest trying a Gillette Slim Adjustable set on 7 - 9, the highest number being the most aggressive. It is a relatively inexpensive vintage razor and is easy to resell on the BST if you do not like it, or you could back down to a milder setting. Many Slim users have recommended starting at a 3 - 5 setting.
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  17. Short answer : It doesn't.

    Long answer : early razors (ie, 1910s, 1920s) were very aggressive, as they were made for guys coming from straights. They also had Open Comb designs, since daily shaves were not the norm - the open comb moves through longer hairs more smoothly than the closed comb does. So the perception has incorrectly become Open Comb = Aggressive. In fact, it's "a AND b" not "a THEREFORE b". There are plenty of mild OC razors out there, and there are plenty of aggressive ones - it's the blade gap and head design that defined aggressiveness, not the comb style.
  18. aggressiveness depends more on blade gap and exposure than the type of comb. There are milder and aggressive open combs just like razors with safety bars. Open combs are better for shaving more growth because they don't clog up as much.
  19. This. I got a Hoffritz travel slant recently and I haven't used another razor since.
  20. So would you consider the R41 an aggressive razor?

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