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  1. Early last year I switched over from disposable plastic razors to a Weishi DE, TTO razor. The first shave left my face a little irritated. I had been using some Old Spice after shave and only had a small dribble left in the bottom of the bottle. Hardly enough to cover my face. I had some Western Family mouth wash. (like Listerine) 33.8 fluid ounces for around four dollars. I read the ingredients and figured there was not anything in it to hurt me, so I poured some in my hand and applied it to my face. The was a slight amount of sting that went away almost immediately. I waited a few seconds then applied the last of my Old Spice aftershave. The combination produces an interesting smell that I like. I have used the mouth wash as a splash, ever since. It seems to take the sting out and help heal any razor burn. I have since used numerous Bay Rums, Pinaud Clubman, Draggon Noir,Mennen and Stephens Spicy aftershave on top[ of the mouthwash. It all seems to blend in with the mouthwash a create a different fragrance that smells great.
  2. Funny that you posted this - I recently rec'd a sample of an aftershave splash from a highly-reputable vendor and upon openning it I immediately recognized a very mouthwashing smell to it - weird stuff!

    Have yet to try it, but I wonder how it might taste now! :yikes:
  3. *bleck*!..mouthwash for yer face?
  4. This must be some weird trend going on. I'll stick to regular aftershave and leave the Lavoris for my mouth.
  5. mouth wash and aftershaves are almost entirely alcohol and water, shouldn't hurt, but why? So is Scotch whisky but I only wear it on the inside;
  6. I should have noted in my previous post that I have experimented with three other flavored mouthwashes. They don't seem to work as well as the original Listerine type, Western Family mouthwash. The others seemed to leave a coating on my face that I did not care for. They did take the irritation out and helped heal the skin. I know it's kind of strange, but it works very well. Like I said, the application of other aftershaves seem to blend best with the WF and produce an acceptable fragrance that I like.
  7. Aqua Velva?

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