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  1. So I have been using balms for quite some time and certanly enjoy them but want to add a AS to my collection. I tried both Harris Arlington and Sandalwood and was not a fan of the scents since I wear fragrances. I have also tried Speick and, for the moment am thinking about picking up a bottle - not too much burn and great effect.

    Can anyone offer other suggestions of great aftershaves that won't leave to much of a scent?

    One note I am not a fan of menthol...for some reason I don't like the "cooling" effect.

  2. Did you try Nivea sensitive ASB? it is a great option. It does not have any smell and available pretty much everywhere. My personal favorite is Musgo real, it is a great healing ASB but it does have smell (the smell does not last long though)
  3. I own and use Nivea ASB but sometimes I find a prefer a splash from a AS.

    Like I said I am really leaning towards Speick but want to know if there are other mildly scented AS (not ASB's) out there that I should know of.
  4. Get some Lucido Splash. Mentholated a little bit and no scent so it won't get in the way of your cologne (I think I got mine from Royal Shave?).
  5. You might like Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Face Tonic. It has a light orange scent that disappears very quickly. It's non-alcohol and loaded with soothers.

    For something a little more special, I'd recommend Eau d'Emeraude, an ancient concoction made by the nuns of Notre-Dame de Calvaire and sold in the Monastic Shop of Buckfast Abbey. It's very nice on the face, starts with a strong scent of herbed mead but also fades rapidly. The shipping will be slow and expensive to the US, so if you're looking to add to the order (like I did) you could try the Lotion Opaline made by the nuns of Chantelle Abbey.
  6. proraso splash fades quick. smells kinda herbal/menthol
    swiss pitralon smells like pears and lasts about 2 minutes
    hattric has deodorant kinda smell that fades fast
    osage rub is super mentholated and doesn't have a smell other than that
    4711 is citrusy and fades in 5-10 minutes or you can top it off with the cologne
    most bay rums last 30 minutes or so but do have a potent scent while they are there
    royall lyme lasts about 30 minutes

    pretty much if you steer clear of old spice, anything pinaud, or the floids i think the scents are designed to fade out within 30 minutes (oh and musgo real and alt-innsbruck)
  7. Witch Hazel.
  8. There are a lot of good recommendations here already. Another choice I would suggest is Earthscience Aloe Herbal. Contains a lot of skin goodies and scent fades within 30 minutes. It does contain menthol, but only a small amount, just enough to give momentary cooling when first applied. This is a non-alcohol splash. I think Whole Foods carries it, I got mine at an idependent health food store. It's also available online.
  9. +1 Witch hazel does the trick for me when I want to wear cologne. Otherwise I go with the Old Spice and skip the cologne.

  10. I have to second the Earthscience, they make a great balm as well. I use the aloe Herbal, and follow it up with the balm. I get mine at an independent health-food store as well. They special ordered it for me, and now are carrying it since I ordered it a few times. They also have a "problem skin" spray that seems to be only thing I have found to get rid of bad razor burn. I tried the shave cream and did not like it but that was before I started wet shaving so I have to get to my storage unit to see if I still have it. I love the smell of the splash and it fades quickly, it is kind of herbal smelling, very faint. The balm and the spray don't have much scent at all. I started using it in 1991 and moved and could not find it anywhere, but I moved back to Upstate New York and found it again by chance. I thought it had been discontinued. Now that I re-discovered it I have a lot of unused stuff. though I do use other stuff once in a while for variety.
  11. A big +1 on that. LT tonic is awesome. Put that sucker in the fridge during warmer months and it feels heavenly. No burn and leaves your face feeling soft and smooth. The scent is great because it doesn't smell like some cheap perfumey splash and also that there is nothing else like it. Orange with perhaps a cocoa aroma floating around. It doesn't linger forever either. One of my favs.
  12. yup
  13. Most fragrances have a matching aftershave, many in both splash and balm forms. They typically come in "gift" packages with the cologne for the same or just a little more money. Problem solved.

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