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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by MarkF, May 17, 2012.

  1. Hi.

    My favourite AS Balm at the moment is Edwin Jagger Aloe. The Sea Buckthorn is nice also. I really like the texture and absorbency and the fragrance. Any suggestions for alternative balms gratefully received.


  2. Truefitt & Hill 1805. Check one of my previous thread for the T& H sampler pack.
  3. kyoku

    t&h no. 10
  4. I am a big fan of Sea Buckthorn and have been looking for another to try. Just got an Irish Moos and it's not bad so far. Not as rich but OK.
  5. Proraso pre/post or good ol' Nivea.
  6. I enjoy the AOS balms especially the sandalwood. A little while after my witch hazel dries, on it goes. A bottle lasts forever and hits the spot between moisturizing and creamy but not too greasy. Some may prefer thinner balms. I sampled the new AOS Ocean Kelp and that formulation may be even better- seemingly more moisture.
  7. +1 for good old Nivea. I like their sensitive version a lot.
  8. My two are eShave aftershave soother in Orange Sandalwood, and Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel.
  9. Being in the UK your choices are almost limitless (lots of fine shaving companies located in the UK). Just about anything by the larger companies will be great. You just need to pick a scent you enjoy
  10. a pea size amount of 444 with your favorite AS
  11. Littlemax

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    St. Charles has great balms. My favorite is the Sandalwood. Lasts about 3 hours on me. Very nice !!!
  12. Hirsute

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    Not really helpful, but my favorite is the circa 2008 discontinued Aveda aftershave balm. See? I told you it wasn't helpful.
  13. i still have a nearly full bottle of the old aveda aftershave balm if you mean the light yellow gel. pm if you want to trade.
  14. I give my vote to Nivea for sensitive skin!
  15. Try the Boots ASB. Its in a glass bottle and is white =]

    Its like £2.68 i think, and a part of their 3 for 2 deal :)
  16. Thanks so much for all the suggestions.
  17. The T&H balms are outstanding in my view. My favorites at this point are 1805 and Grafton. I have and enjoy TOBS Sandalwood, Mr. Taylor and Shaving shop. They come in a tube and I find them very enjoyable and effective. They last a long time as well. Nivea is also a fine old standard.


  18. Hirsute

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    Very cool. Just sent you a PM!
  19. if you have sensitive skin or you tend to feel any burning/stinging after attempting a BBS shave, i'd stay away from T&H because they are very heavily fragranced and will irritate you. if your skin isn't sensitive and/or you don't get any pain following your typical shave routine, then you're fine of course. as for the T&H line, the favorite among my female friends is 1805, having tried West Indian Limes, 1805, Sandalwood, Grafton, and Trafalgar.

    - Grafton is a bit like Tabac in that it seems to remind people of their grandparents a "old people" smell if you will. i mean that in a good way, it smells clean, powdery, soapy...just...that's what people say.
    - Trafalgar is citrusy and a little spicy i think, and people tend to say that it smells fine but isn't doing much for them.
    - Sandalwood is sandalwood, if it's your thing then you'll love it.
    - West Indian Limes has an amazing lime scent if you enjoy citrus, but the scent fades away very quickly, so you won't be carrying it with you.
    - 1805 is manly, spicy, somewhat woodsy without smelling of the forest, it's like a nice cologne and they also make a cologne in this scent that i love.

    if you want good moisturization without enough fragrance to be irritating, i VERY STRONGLY recommend Proraso after-shave lotion, which has a great cooling feel, a slightly thin texture, a wonderful mint/eucalyptus scent that dissipates quickly, and excellent moisturization. i also am a happy new owner of Pre de Provence after-shave balm, which is scented with sage and has a highly soothing feel, great moisturization, and a pleasant scent that dissipates in a matter of minutes.

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