After reading UBChronicles For Silvertip which one...

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Which Silvertip?

  1. Shavemac 177

  2. Saville Row 3x24

  3. EJ Medium Silvertip

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  1. I truly enjoy reading everyone's opinion of the following brushes in that thread. I've always had a interest especially in the Shavemac, Saville Row and EJ. But which is the best out of those. I would be happy to know who got which brush after reading the Chronicle. I know its hard but which one would you get if you could only choose one? Please share your experience. Also I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas as did I. Also Happy New Year everyone :001_smile !

    I used to have a Simpsons Duke 3 but for some reason it did not work me all the well. My one favorite badger brush at the moment is a Semogue LE 11 Finestbadger. I think its just perfect with the backbone and not hogging lather. I also used to have a A custom RV Silvertip SB with a 30mm but was way too big for me lol. Again any opinion is welcome!

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  2. I have the Shavemac 177. It is an excellent face-lathererl and not a lather hog. The tips are not the softest silvertips I've felt, but I like that b/c I like feeling my face being brushed. That is not to say that it is scratchy or irritating, just a little scritchy compared to my Rooney super badger. You will enjoy the 177-what's not to like?
  3. The SR 3x24 is considerably bigger than the EJ. 24mm vs. 21mm

    What size range do you like best?
  4. Most likely 24mm!
  5. Between the 177 and the EJ that I have I find the EJ the one I use and like more. It's a very soft brush but I can face lather with it if I choose so. Never used or owned a Saville. But I have a Shavemac 167 that's even better then the EJ (for me that is).

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