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  1. Hello everyone, I shaved Last night with Schick hydo 5 and with trufitt and hill shave cream and after my shave was done few hours later my got whiteheads on my mustache area upper lips. Why do I get them everytime I shave? And my mustache area upper lips is burning really bad right now when I touch it and my next day stubble is so coarse that it makes a scuffing sound. Please help. Thanks
  2. try some different blades and see how that go's. if it was the soap, i think it would hurt sooner that a couple hours later.
    light pressure too. if its the right blade for you, it wont take a lot of pressure.
  3. Hello mustafa welcome,
    The white heads and razor bumps/rash is why I switched.
    Previously I've used cartridges and cheap disposables.
    I would always break out with white heads on my chin.
    I switched over to a de razor it has took a couple weeks to get use to and find what works for me but now no white heads and almost no nick or rash as long as I'm slow and careful watching my technique.

    Have you checked out. Manic59. On you tube ?
    That is a good starting place.

    Good luck ........bill w.
  4. I've tried de razor with merkur and feathers blades and I still get them. I'm doing something wrong but don't know what. Ya I've watched the videos few months ago but don't remember them. Cause when I used merkur and feathers I always bleed and shaving my mustache was like impossible always cut my inner nose. I need a miracle maybe :( cause nothing works for me and I spend alot of money and gets waste.
  5. Ohh and the day I shaved my face was smooth like baby from shaving. And next day it's usually really bad stubble. I shave like every 3 weeks or so is that good or bad? Someone told me to shave everyday 2 days is that true?
  6. Im no expert but here's my opinion,
    If I went 3 weeks between shaves I would look like a werewolf.
    Maybe everyday is to much for you though or maybe you have a slow growing beard.
    I shave every day or two.

    Maybe a feather blade was to Sharp for you. Try a more mild blade like astra sp. Or shark.

    What about technique , remember no pressure let razor glide don't push down.

    How is your lather good thick not watery runny

    Have you ever tried some witch hazel after shaving.
    I use Thayers medicated with hazel , that may help.
  7. When my face breaks out in little whiteheads, it means I'm allergic to a product I'm using. Try using a soap/cream that you're positive you're not allergic to (one that has never given you the bumps) and make sure that it's not an allergy.
  8. Mustafa, As-Salaamu Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatu.

    I am willing to bet that you are more likely than not going against the grain. With a Schick Hydro and your skin combination I would advise you use as little pressure as possible while shaving against the grain. You are irritating your face, and in my experience, those bumps showing up right after a shave means that you've got a clogged pore (didn't thoroughly wash off cream from face) or the beginnings of ingrown hairs. I am Albanian myself, and we typically have VERY coarse beards which require a very good prep before shaving (I've been shaving since I was 13, and spent most of my years heavily bearded [a very clean and handsome beard I might add]). I would suggest that if you are continually getting the bumps, that you stop going against the grain, and/or change to a Hydro 3. Be careful, and above all, be patient.

    Also, please be advised that depending on your madhab, removal or alteration of the beard is disliked or full haram. As always, Allah Knows Best.

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