Adventures in shaving... rusty water

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by saintpat, May 4, 2012.

  1. So it appears my hot water heater is shot based on the rust coming out of the faucet. :sad: I'm praying it's not the pipes. The plumber is replacing the hot water heater today but that left me with a few choices this morning: shave with rusty water, bust out the electric, go to work unshaven, or... get some nice clean cold water and boil it!

    Needless to say I had a hot hot hot shave this morning! Luckily I let the water cool off a bit while in the shower but it was still steaming pretty good when I poured it from the tea kettle into the sink. There was audible lather break down when I dipped the tip of my brush in. Still had plenty of lather for three passes and I'm pretty sure I didn't burn my face. The only thing I missed was a warm rinse off between passes. That hot blade really slices through the whiskers. Not recommending it for every day but fun to improvise a bit.

    Enjoy the day gents!
  2. Ouch! Hope the pipes aren't rusted.
  3. StuMcB

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    Feel your worry there. had the same happen just befor Christmas. Checked for leaks in all the walls couldn't find a thing. Engineer found a leaky joint on the hot water tank. Phew! 20 min fix all OK since (fingers crossed).
  4. The tank is past its expected life so we were due for a new one. Hopefully that's all it is! If the plumber doesn't get there soon I may get a chance to refine my boiling water for shaving technique :)
  5. Just let the rust settle in the sink and shave and you should be ok.

    Pipes should be OK because they are made of different materials.
  6. Hope your saga is nothing too costly, that's less $$ for shaving gear
  7. Prof. Moriarty

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    Or you could switch to cold water shaving.
  8. Do it. They have a definite life. And the rust is better than an ever expanding puddle in your basement.
  9. Getting another tank water heater, or are you going tankless?
  10. Most pipes are copper so they don't rust. As to the water heater, it should be drained of a few gallons of water every few moths to prevent the bottom of the heater from getting cruded-up and rust accumulating. Of course, most people ignore that maintenance regimen.
  11. You could always try adding cold water to the hot water from the kettle in the sink!

  12. M80

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    Best advice.
  13. A kettle was all anyone used for hot water for shaving or washing before the 50s when everyone started getting hot water systems.
  14. Ah. Everything old is new again :biggrin1:
  15. Wasn't the shower water rusty?
  16. New tank finally went in yesterday and the water is nice and clear. A pricey fix but we are now up to current code and have a nice big tank that should last us quite some time.

    Enjoyed the clean water in my sink for the shave this morning. :thumbup1:

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