AD's setting in already...

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  1. I really have to stay out of the B/S/T forum. I've only been DE shaving for about two weeks, and I already have two razors (a 1940 Tech I bought and a 48-50 SS I got PIF'ed). Today I bought another, newer SS, a 56. Apparently the AD's are starting... :eek::biggrin::scared:
  2. I just got my first DE this week and know, that if I had ANY money at all, instead of negative 91 dollars in my bank account, I'd be purchasing them furiously.
  3. It is hard to resist. Just be glad that it's razors and not tube amplifiers or guitars.

  4. It only gets worse from here :lol:
  5. That's what I"m afraid of...
  6. Andy

    Andy Contributor

    I can attest to that, I have only been a member since March this year, it gets worse :001_rolle
    BTW - all boxes at the back are full.

  7. Very impressive for 2 months. You officially have multiple ADs.
  8. I'm doomed! And I'm loving every minute of it. Just asked my father to bring me his old DE razor when he comes up from Florida next week. It probably has not been used in 40 years.
  9. Sounds like it will be soon, though... :smile:
  10. Four razors in two weeks, nah RAD hasn't even begun to kick in.......:biggrin:
  11. And now I've been eyeing a couple of Slim Adjustables in the B/S/T...

    HELP ME! :eek: I can't afford a divorce! :biggrin:
  12. Repeat after me......

    "But honey, I am trying my best to produce the cleanest, closest shave just for you. I need to find the best tools to help me in my quest for your pleasure"

  13. That den is just...awesome. My AD's have hit pretty hard, but I have been keeping them under control with meds (the meds are mostly other financial obligations, like the car and motorcycle, and their respective insurances). But, I have a list of stuff I want to buy and try, and am just waiting for the next paycheck so I can play some blackjack and win a little shaving cash.
  14. Crikey Andy! You have done well. I spot your BigW Comoy. :thumbup1:
  15. Andy

    Andy Contributor

    :001_smile Beautiful brush, even better price.. between $15-18
  16. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  17. I'm now up to five razors, in just 3 weeks or so of DE shaving, due to the acquisition of my Dad's 59 blue tip on Thursday, and a really cute little aluminum R-1 travel Tech in a local antique store yesterday. Although one of my SS's is going to some deserving newbie next week, and I'll be down to four after that...

    Guess I better start shopping again, eh?
  18. I now have the following razors:

    Gold NEW
    Gold Tech
    Silver aluminum travel Tech
    56 flare tip SS
    59 blue tip SS
    66 Slim

    And two more coming, a Slim and whatever my uncle found in his bathroom to send to his mooching nephew...

    And I've made two brushes so far, and kept them both:
    24 mm Best Badger
    20 mm Silvertip

    And I haven't even started gathering up more soap varieties yet. The problem is that there's no place to buy all of this stuff locally, it has to come by mail; and my wife picks up the mail. Hm, somebody did mention having stuff sent to me at work...
  19. Luckily, I've managed to keep RAD at bay. I just purchased a third DE, which will probably just open the flood gates...
  20. I had no idea this condition could exist but it has me captured as well.

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