Adding glycerin to soap

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by bwatts, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. I've noticed a few people do this but I'm not sure why. As far as I know does it moisturise your skin? Or is there another reason to adding it?
  2. I purchased a bottle and add about three small drops to my Williams soap. With my poor technique, it makes a significant improvement. However, most of the time I find I prefer adding just a pinch of Porasso to a brush loaded with Williams. Sorry but I am a real cheapskate!
  3. Glycerin (or Glycerol) does work as a moisturizing and skin softening agent, so I would assume that would be one reason. I'm not sure how or if it affects the lathering properties of the soap though.
  4. Why not just pick up some glycerin shaving soap? There's lots of different types on the market, and their not expensive. I use Col. Conk's in my rotation, and it works great. :w00t: :biggrin: :tongue: :rolleyes: :001_rolle
  5. I got the impression it might enhance a poor quality soap/cream oh well if all it does is moisturise that is a bonus in itself cheers guys
  6. The Godrej shave round has Glycerin in it, though the lather is not as slick or moisturizing as the cream cousins. I bought a bottle of GLycerin and put a few drops and lathered it luxuriously on the face. The shave was slicker and the face felt visibly softer after the shave. With my omega pro, it is anyway a lather machine - so don't think it added to the lather factor.
  7. I have some glycerin in the cupboard. I think I heard a member once say that it helped to put a few drops into a grated puck of Williams. I may give that a try, since I recently bought a couple pucks. We'll see how it works.
  8. Moisturizes the skin, makes the lather slicker, and imo also prevents from drying on the face too fast.
    I started with Musgo Real, which was drying my face too much, after I started adding glycerin to my super lather I have no problems with dryness with this cream.
  9. I'm surprised that Musgo Real dried your face. It didn't do that for me, YMMV I guess. Glad that adding glycerin to your super lather helped! :thumbup1:
  10. I have recently started adding a couple drops to Williams and found it made a richer lather and a smoother shave as well. Also seems like my skin is softer after...

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